Drive 1:1 Experiences With Healthcare Professionals

Execute digital strategies that will produce the business outcomes you desire.

Adfire Health Delivers

Adfire Health delivers a 14:1 ROI and becomes the #1 media vendor for an RX drug manufacturer.

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Williamson Medical Center partners with Adfire Health to hire 18 highly qualified physicians.

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Adfire Health’s digital engagement campaign reaches targeted HCP audiences 3x more than competitors and at 75% lower cost per prescription.

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A leading academic medical center hosts a virtual hiring event, enabling them to hire six experienced acute care RNs in days.

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Adfire Health provides 1:1 HCP digital engagement that moves more than 25% of accounts down the funnel within 3 months.

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AdfireHealth Thumbprint
Adfire Health Delivers

Improve Your Digital Strategy with ThumbprintTM, Our Proprietary Data Ecosystem  

Hand-Crafted Healthcare Audiences

Utilize Thumbprint’s proprietary database of healthcare professionals to build the audience you want to target.

  • 8.2MM+ Records
  • 2.7MM+ NPIs
  • 5.5MM+ Healthcare Professionals
  • 100+ License Types
  • 660+ Medical Specialties

1:1 Multichannel Outreach

Interact with healthcare professionals across multiple touchpoints for a more comprehensive campaign.

Solution for Marketers

Solutions for Marketers

Deliver relevant, pertinent, and timely medical information to HCPs.

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The Adfire Health Advantage

The Audience You Want, The Results You Desire, The People You Love To Work With

At Adfire Health, we support marketers, healthcare professionals, families, and communities on their journey to improve patient outcomes.

“Adfire Health is a dream partner. We’re so happy we found them. No other vendor comes close, and they offer unmatched service. We’re going to brag about Adfire Health.”

Digital Media Supervisor

“These are the best numbers the company has ever seen in its history of existence.”

Digital Marketing VP

“The Adfire Health team is great to work with, extremely responsive, very flexible, and open to testing new technology, and always willing to go above and beyond for us.”

VP, Strategy


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