Healthcare Advertising Built on 1:1 NPI Targeting

Significantly improve scale and efficiency with NPI targeting.
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Start Activating Powerful HCP Audiences

Tired of wasting impressions and ad spend on HCPs who don’t fit precisely into your targeting bucket? Say no more. Start activating impactful healthcare campaigns with laser-focused HCP audiences that boost engagement and generate real-world results.

Guaranteeing a Direct,
1:1 Connection With HCPs

Adfire Health’s data ecosystem enables cross-device and cross-channel targeting. We reach healthcare target audiences at the right time and in the right place with the power of programmatic.

Point of Care

Engage HCPs at their practice site with geofencing and location-based targeting during moments of patient care.


Gain credibility and higher engagement through ads that match the editorial flow of premium lifestyle sites on which they appear.


Increase HCPs engagements with natural language processing that understands unstructured data such as text, images, and video.

Mobile & In-App

Capture the attention of HCPs on the most commonly used device—the smartphone—through premium sites and apps.

Connected TV (CTV)

Bring the targeted and measured capabilities of programmatic to HCPs through CTV campaigns.


Bring your brand to life across popular digital channels and devices with digital video advertising.

Enabling Greater Transparency With a Reliable Data Ecosystem

Impactful digital engagement solutions for HCPs are built on a foundation of reliable and transparent data. Our proprietary database, built on data of 8MM+ HCPs, is proven to fuel impactful campaigns and drive measurable ROI.


HCPs in our First-Party Proprietary Database* ~1.5M RX Prescribers ~6M Key Influencers


Individual HCP Identifiers*


Ad Calls Per Second across Millions of Premium Sites*


Reporting Metrics Measuring HCP Digital Engagement

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Looking for a Measurable ROI?

Adfire Health works with some of the world’s biggest Healthcare brands that are looking for a better HCP marketing approach, because we know efficient HCP digital engagement models lead to better healthcare outcomes.