A top tier pharma brand with a preventative treatment rx utilizes our proprietary database and is impressed by a 95% decrease in the cost per exposed physician over industry standards

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This pharma brand was beginning a new ad campaign and connected with Adfire Health because they wanted access to our superior healthcare professional database. The goal for their digital ad campaign was to increase the number of physicians messaged while reducing costs. It was important that the ads had a high conversion rate.


Adfire Health created an efficient and effective digital advertising solution by:

» Leveraging our proprietary database to reach the target audience

Adfire Health consistently reaches our target audience at higher rates than our competitors by utilizing our accurate and clean database of over 8 million segmented healthcare professionals.

» Delivering ads across devices

Adfire Health utilizes a comprehensive identity graph that includes over 25M devices and over 128M persistent identifiers so that we can enhance performance by displaying ads across devices and ad environments.

» Providing affordable ad placements on diverse channels

By targeting individual healthcare professionals based on their personally identifiable information, Adfire Health displayed this pharma brand’s ads on premium lifestyle websites, which were more affordable than endemic sites.

» Optimizing ad performance with programmatic technology

Adfire Health optimized ad performance by continuously analyzing campaign trends to determine which bid factors were increasing performance (i.e. ad placement, devices and daypart) and adjusting them accordingly.

» Maximizing ad impression opportunities with artificial intelligence

Through our demand side platform, Adfire Health monitored nearly 9M impression opportunities every second to bring actionable, data-driven insights to this marketing agency’s ad campaigns.


Conversion rates 17.4% higher than industry standards

A 244% increase in the number of patients exposed

A 95% decrease in the cost per exposed physician

Excellent customer service

Complete transparency into practices

“Compared to our other partners, Adfire Health’s cost per exposed physician is much lower…

Regarding conversion rates, we are seeing improvement week over week!”