A top tier healthcare marketing agency achieves better results faster than expected for three of their brands from a transparent and strategic partner

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A top tier healthcare marketing agency was discouraged by the results they received from their existing digital media vendor. Their client’s website engagement was lower than expected and they were struggling to understand why their target was being missed. Their digital media vendor was sending inaccurate and infrequent reports and they were having a hard time communicating with them. They were also struggling to place a 2-minute long video because most publishers only have 15 or 30 second pre-roll video ad inventory.


Adfire Health identified this healthcare marketing agencies issues, provided immediate strategic solutions and delivered results by:

» Leveraging our proprietary database to enhance the target list

Adfire Health enhanced this agency’s target list of high value doctors and specialist with our accurate and clean database of over 8 million segmented healthcare professionals, including 1.5 million script writers.

» Appropriately placing video advertisements

Adfire Health strategically and creatively partnered with a vendor that could access in-page large video players on premium publishers’ sites.

» Providing affordable ad placements on diverse channels

By targeting individual healthcare professionals based on their personally identifiable information, Adfire Health displayed this pharma brand’s ads on premium lifestyle websites, which were more affordable than endemic sites.

» Maximizing impression opportunities with programmatic technology

Through our demand side platform, Adfire Health monitored nearly nine million impression opportunities every second to bring actionable, data-driven insights to this agency’s ad campaigns.

» Providing ongoing reporting and consultation to optimize performance

Throughout our partnership, Adfire Health provided regular and timely reports and consultations so that this agency would understand when, where and why their ads were placed. We provided and implemented recommendations on how to increase ad performance by analyzing campaign trends to determine which factors were increasing performance.

» Increasing services while meeting fast approaching deadlines

Throughout our partnership, this agency requested that we take on a variety of new campaigns with limited time to implement them. Adfire Health was happy to provide these services at a moment’s notice to help increase their brands’ awareness.


Impressive results across three campaigns

Brand One

High site engagement averaging 1.25 minutes

933 sessions with a 72% conversion rate in one month

854,700 impressions

.17% CTR

85% viewability

Brand 2

3,000,000 impressions

.16% CTR

77% viewability

Brand 3

675,200 impressions

.18% CTR 84% viewability

Hyper-targeted campaigns built on accurate and clean data

Excellent customer service

Complete transparency into practices

Flexible and creative solutions

“Adfire Health has been one of our most efficient partners in terms of (website) sessions…

We were very excited that the advertisements Adfire displayed on non-endemic sites provided the same levels of site engagement as advertisements displayed on endemic sites.”