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Cardiovascular Technology Advertising That Increases CTRs by 55%

increase in CTRs
Cardiologists targeted
Radiologists targeted

The Challenge

Engaging Cardiologists & Radiologists

Adfire Health’s client, a cardiovascular technology company, creates solutions to change how calcified cardiovascular disease is treated with Intervascular Lithotripsy. They came to Adfire Health with the goals of:
  • Building awareness of its game-changing technology by delivering ads on relevant health and lifestyle sites
  • Reaching the specific target of cardiologists and radiologists
  • Increasing HCP engagement

The Solution

Utilizing Smart Cardiovascular Technology Advertising

Step #1: Utilize Our Proprietary Database to Target 84K+ Cardiologists & Radiologists

Adfire Health has devoted its business to creating the most accurate and clean database of HCPs in the United States. It includes over 99% of the approximately 1.1M physicians practicing medicine in the U.S., including 34K+ cardiologists and 50K+ radiologists.

Step #2: Reach HCPs Across Devices

Adfire Health utilized a comprehensive healthcare provider identity graph that included over 25M devices and over 128M persistent identifiers so they could enhance personalization by displaying ads across devices, households, and locations.

Step #3: Deliver Ads on the Types of Sites HCPs Prefer

After analyzing the campaign data and determining that cardiologists and radiologists prefer News and Business content by 672%, the Adfire Health team delivered more ads on these types of sites.

Step #4: Optimize the Campaign by Shifting Spend & Strategically Increasing Bids

To further optimize the campaign, Adfire Health’s programmatic team shifted spend to the top performing ads, updated the CPC goals regularly — lowering costs — and increased bids for specific ad sizes and devices, winning better inventory for the campaign.

Step #5: Conduct Ongoing Reporting & Consultations

Throughout the partnership, the Adfire Health team provided regular, NPI-level reports so the client could understand where and why their ads were placed. The team also offered weekly recommendations to further improve the campaigns.

The Results

Increasing HCP Engagement Among the Target Market

The client saw impressive results. Here are some of the highlights:
  • 55% increase in CTRs
  • 34,176 cardiologists targeted
  • 50,618 radiologists targeted

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Meet The Team

Lilia Tse

Vice President of Sales

Caitlin Demko

Creative Director

Henry Cordova

Graphics Art Manager

Ilir Sabovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kathy Leclair

Ad Ops Manager