Retarget HCPs For Ongoing Brand Awareness

Retarget website visitors to stay top of mind with selected HCPs and increase the likelihood of ongoing brand engagement and conversions.

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Understanding Retargeting

Stay Top Of Mind When Advertising To HCPs

Understanding Retargeting
Not everyone is ready to take action the first time they visit your website. With retargeting, you can continue to advertise to highly engaged and receptive healthcare professionals (HCPs) wherever they are on the internet.
Retargeting is especially useful for complex decision-making processes. It helps build brand recognition with your target audience, increasing the chances of getting them to take action.
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How Retargeting Works

Bring HCPs Back To Your Website

Retargeting is a marketing strategy that targets users who have engaged with your ads or website. The goal is to bring HCPs back to your website so they will take a desired action such as reviewing key data, learning about your novel science, or opting in for more information.
In its simplest form, retargeting works in four basic steps.
Step 1: Website Visit
An HCP lands on your website from 1:1 display advertising, using Adfire Health's extensive database of 8MM+ HCPs, or from other advertising strategies.
Step 2: Tracking
A tracking pixel is placed on that HCP’s browser when they land on your site. When they leave your site, the tracking pixel follows them anonymously as they browse the web.
Step 3: Ads Are Served
As the HCP browses the web across other websites (and even mobile apps), you deliver more personalized ads throughout their online experience.
Step 4: It Comes Full Circle
The HCP who visited your website returns and converts into a qualified contact!
The Adfire Health Advantage

Why Retargeting Is Effective

Retargeting can have a huge impact on your ROAS, especially when you have a strategy tailored to your audience. Retargeting is particularly useful when you have a specific goal to increase script lift, med device sales, leads, and event registrations.

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How can we help your marketing?