Healthcare Advertising without Cookies: Making Sense of the Madness [Infographic]

Healthcare Advertising without Cookies:  Making Sense of the Madness [Infographic]

You’ve heard it before, but it begs repeating: Google is phasing out third-party cookies and won’t build alternate identifiers to track users across the web. This comes on the heels of other internet browsers, including Safari and Mozilla cutting ties with cookie-based technology over the past few years.

Yikes, right?

Nah…the future of healthcare advertising without cookies won’t be so bad. In fact, it may actually be better by putting users in control of their data and forcing advertisers to adopt more meaningful digital strategies.

This infographic defines third-party cookies, outlines the state of cookie-based advertising, and walks you through the strategies and tactics necessary to help you thrive with healthcare advertising without cookies.

Hint: It’s all about first-party data.

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Moving Forward with Healthcare Advertising without Cookies

There’s no getting around the fact that third-party cookies are on the way out or that their downfall will impact the healthcare advertising world. But there is a world beyond cookies—and a prosperous one where you can still successfully connect with HCPs across the digital channels and devices they’re using.

To thrive, you have to prepare and accept the reality of the new demands and expectations. But most importantly, you have to evolve your data strategy to revolve around first-party data. The healthcare advertisers who can do this faster and with the most efficacy will position themselves to thrive while others fall during the cookie apocalypse.

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