Programmatic Advertising: A New Era in Healthcare Marketing

Programmatic Advertising: A New Era in Healthcare Marketing

Advances in automation are continually transforming the way we do business. In the healthcare industry, the potential for marketing and advertising automation is driving shorter lead times and business cycles, compelling leaders to quickly learn and seize upon opportunities to gain a competitive edge. Specifically, recent advances in programmatic advertising have transformed an archaic, costly and manual process into an integrated and automated system that has efficiently and effectively increased conversions, engagement and click-through-rates to unprecedented levels.


In the history of advertising, it has been very hard to measure anything. Before the Internet, if a company wanted to advertise, they did so through billboards, print, radio or tv. Ads would be seen or heard by the general public, with little or no direct tracking available to determine success and advertisers hoped the right people in their markets would see it.

With the dawn of the era, online advertising became a new marketplace to reach potential buyers. At first, this came in the form of pop-ups and banner ads on specific websites, with pricing negotiated manually with site owners. As the industry evolved, ad networks and ad exchanges began to appear as a place to buy and sell ads, but eventually a more efficient way of buying and selling ads would arrive that allowed companies to understand the success of their advertisements.


Today, advertisers can target highly specific audiences including healthcare professionals. Ads are priced, sold and bought via a real-time bidding auction that operates in less than 100 milliseconds. Companies, like Adfire Health, can use programmatic technology to create hyper-targeted, personalized and creative digital advertising experiences. With over 15 years of experience building, cleansing and developing clean and accurate data sets with creativity, machine learning technology and marketing expertise, Adfire Health builds solutions with greater efficiency, scale and precision.


  • Scalability: Programmatic advertising has the potential to reach a larger number of your target healthcare professionals. It can reach them at lower costs and at higher frequencies than emails, direct mail or association marketing.
  • Hyper-Targeting: Use a custom data list and target 1-to-1. Sharper audience targeting lowers overall costs and leads to significantly better engagement and click-through-rates.
  • Actionable Analytics: Other systems update their reporting every couple of hours or the next day and provide reports that are hard to understand. Programmatic advertising provides real-time data that is digestible so you can continuously optimize your online ad campaigns.
  • Cross-Device Targeting: Programmatic advertising can reach targeted audiences across connected devices, homes and locations.

The healthcare market is more competitive than ever with new drugs and market disruptions launching all the time. Your advertising campaigns should stay ahead of the competition by utilizing programmatic technology.

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