A #1 choice over-the-counter (OTC) medication brand finds a transparent partner that delivered superior data


The Challenge

This #1 choice OTC medication brand traditionally advertised to patients, but they saw an opportunity to differentiate themselves by advertising to healthcare professionals who recommend OTC medications to their patients.

The Solution

Adfire Health developed a customized and transparent digital advertising solution centered around data to provide optimized results.

» Providing a transparent approach and a detailed consultation

Upon introduction, Adfire Health provided a full explanation of our advertising strategy and a detailed demonstration of the technology we use so that this brand could understand the advantages of having a fully integrated data and media solution. To begin developing a customized solution, Adfire Health met with this brand to understand their specific goals and collaboratively build an advertising strategy.

» Segmented and validated customer’s database of healthcare professionals

This OTC brand had a massive and varied list of healthcare professionals that they wanted to target to increase sales. Adfire Health reviewed, cleaned and segmented these lists so that the data was accurate, useful and efficient.

» Leveraging Adfire Health’s proprietary database to enhance data:

Adfire Health consistently reaches our target audience at higher rates than our competitors because of our accurate and clean database of over 8 million segmented healthcare professionals. After cleaning our customer’s data list, we reconciled it with our own to further enhance its accuracy and efficiency.

» Providing ongoing reporting and consultation

Throughout our partnership, Adfire Health provided regular and timely reports and consultations so that this marketing agency would understand when, where and why their ads were placed.

The Results

  • 7,234,126 impressions
  • 0.140% CTR
  • Complete transparency into practices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Efficient advertising strategies
  • Hyper-targeted campaigns built on accurate and clean data

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