A #1 selling over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever brand uses clean, accurate and segmented data to reach high value prescribers


The Challenge

The #1 selling OTC pain reliever brand needed to launch an ad campaign within two days. The brand wanted to reach healthcare professionals over a short flight life. They expected high conversion rates, click through rates and engagement levels.

The Solution

Adfire Health launched this efficient ad campaign in two days by maximizing the power of this brand’s data:

» Providing immediate services with a quick implementation

With our experience, Adfire Health was able to concentrate on this brand’s needs and quickly launch the ad campaign within two days.

» Segmenting data by specialty

After meeting with this brand to understand their goals, Adfire Health focused our attention on properly segmenting the customer’s data by specialties most likely to prescribe this #1 selling OTC pain reliever (PCPs, NPs, Orthopedics, Dentists and OBGYNs). Segmented data enabled us to better target healthcare professionals and create a more personalized ad experience.

» Leveraging our proprietary database of healthcare professionals

Adfire Health consistently reaches our target audience at higher rates than our competitors because of our accurate and clean database of over 8 million segmented healthcare professionals. Adfire Health enhanced this brand’s data with our proprietary database to increase its accuracy and efficiency.

» Enhancing the match network

Adfire Health utilizes a comprehensive identity graph that includes over 25 million devices and over 128 million persistent identifiers so that we can enhance personalization by displaying ads across devices, households and locations.

The Results

  • 6,176,431 impressions
  • .183% CTR
  • Fast implementation
  • Hyper-targeted campaigns built on accurate and clean data
  • Excellent customer service
  • Complete transparency into performance
  • Actionable reporting

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