A Leading Medical Device Company Sees Big Returns With Account-Based Marketing for Healthcare

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The Challenge

Reaching High-Value Accounts With ABM for Healthcare

A leading medical device company wanted to reach specialists, including cardiologists, at hospitals across the United States using Account-Based Marketing tactics for healthcare. They teamed up with Adfire Health with the goal of moving strategic accounts down the funnel.

The Solution

Identifying HCPs at the Accounts & Delivering 1:1 Digital Ads

Step #1: Identify High-Value Accounts

Adfire Health worked with the medical device company to identify key hospital accounts that could contribute significantly to their revenue. To make those decisions, the team analyzed factors like organization size and location.

Step #2: Conduct Research & Segment the Accounts

The Adfire Health team gathered information to determine customer needs and pain points, as well as where each account was in the customer journey. Next, they segmented the hospitals based on the different stages of the sales funnel, including target, interest, and evaluation.

Step #3: Identify Specific Specialists to Target

Using their proprietary database of 8MM+ HCPs, Adfire Health identified 850 specialists affiliated with the target accounts

Step #4: Execute Customized 1:1 Digital Advertising Campaigns

After identifying the 850 specialists, the Adfire Health team onboarded the custom audience to digital IDs, allowing 1:1 targeted ads to be served across devices and apps. Presenting the specialists with the right content in real-time moved the accounts further down the sales funnel.

Step #5: Measure, Report, and Optimize

Using an ABM approach means focusing on a smaller number of accounts with a much larger potential, which is why Adire Health measured and optimized every detail of the campaign. Throughout the process, the team prepared regular NPI-level reports and analyzed

The Results

Moving Healthcare Accounts Down the Funnel

  • 166 high-value accounts targeted with 1:1 digital ads
  • 25%+ of accounts moved down the funnel within 3 months
  • 850 medical specialists reached

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