CTV Advertising Provides Cost-Efficient Conversions; Helps Pharma Company Promote New Migraine Drug


The Challenge

To gain market share in the US, the pharma company knew it had to differentiate its HCP advertising strategy. It teamed up with Adfire Health to launch a CTV campaign with the goal of cost-efficient conversions. The campaign ran on CTV devices such Roku and Sling TV, targeting the company’s first-party audience.

The Solution

Cost-Efficient Conversions in a New Market

The goal of the campaign was to generate cost-efficient conversions.

Step #1: Build a First-Party Audience

The company began by building a list of first-party data, which included HCPs more likely to engage with its ads. The list included Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), Neurologists, Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and Physician Associates (PAs).

Step #2: Match the First-Party Audience with Accurate HCP Data

Adfire Health matched the company’s target list of HCPs with its proprietary database of more than 8MM HCPs, which paired offline data with online identities.

Step #3: Activate Across Premium CTV Inventory

Adfire Health launched the campaign across premium CTV devices such as Sling TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, and Roku. The campaign tapped into each ecosystem’s innovative ad types, ensuring prominent placement on the big screen.

Step #4: HCP-Level Measurement & Optimization

Adfire Health compiled insights into metrics such as impressions, click-through rate, cost per click, and completed views rate throughout the campaign. Through our analysis, Adfire Health optimized inventory, creative, audience composition, and more to improve campaign performance.

The Results

CTV Advertising: Converting More HCPs for a Better Price

Adfire Health’s campaign achieved its goals while outperforming the pharma company’s other programmatic vendors.
  • Reached 67.2% more HCPs than other programmatic vendors.
  • Reached HCPs at a cost of 80.6% lower than other programmatic vendors.
  • Generated conversions at a cost of 15.9% less than static banner ads.

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