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HealthTech company exclaims, "What we accomplished in 30 minutes with Adfire Health is astounding!"

HealthTech marketing strategy

The Challenge

A venture-backed enterprise was looking for a sophisticated HealthTech marketing strategy to break through the pharma industry with its new platform. The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive, spending over $15.8 billion annually digitally advertising to healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients. The company innovatively crafted a pharmacy-free platform enabling HCPs to locate drug products and support resources efficiently through a unified portal.

As a market newcomer, the company initially relied on conventional marketing channels like Google AdWords and LinkedIn. Still, it recognized the need for a more targeted approach to connect with HCPs. Specifically targeting neurologists, oncologists, and dermatologists, the company aimed to enhance engagement and drive clicks.

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The Solution

Adfire Health’s dedicated team provided unparalleled white-glove service at every campaign phase. Amberlee D’Alois, Director of Account Management, explains, “Our commitment to close collaboration with the client aligned with their objectives and surpassed their expectations.” The client was impressed with Adfire Health’s efficiency in helping them achieve their goals, stating, “What we accomplished in 30 minutes together is astounding!”

Aligning on KPIs

Setting measurable goals was the first step in building a successful data-focused HCP marketing strategy. By understanding the client’s need to increase brand awareness and enhance digital engagement with neurologists, oncologists, and dermatologists, Adfire Health established clear and quantifiable metrics that produced actionable results throughout the campaign.

Handcrafting HCP Audience

Adfire Health targeted neurologists, oncologists, and dermatologists with its proprietary database, Thumbprint. Through Thumbprint’s precision, Adfire Health aimed to tailor its marketing efforts to these healthcare professionals’ specific needs and preferences.

Personalized and Effective Outreach Strategy

Adfire Health integrated cross-device targeting, in-app advertising, and retargeting strategies to enhance engagement and provide increased conversion opportunities. Adfire Health reached the client’s target audience across multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets, while capitalizing on in-app placements. Audiences who had previously interacted with the brand were strategically re-engaged.

Actionable Progress Reports

Adfire Health addressed specific concerns throughout the campaign and provided comprehensive solutions in monthly progress reports. Adfire Health built reports that included crucial and actionable advice by precisely managing key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives.

The Results

Adfire Health’s strategic approach resulted in significant achievements. The campaign met and surpassed the client’s expectations, performing better than industry benchmarks for effective engagement within specialized healthcare sectors. “Adfire Health is literally the best partner,” they remarked numerous times throughout the campaign.

Reach and Engagement

The campaign reached an impressive 50,000 attributable HCPs and engaged over 1,000 HCPs within a concise period of fewer than four months.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The overall CTR was an outstanding 0.49% (the industry CTR benchmark is 0.17%), demonstrating the effectiveness of the tailored strategy in driving engagement and interaction among the specialized audience.


The campaign showcased efficient cost management, with an overall cost per click (CPC) of $4.11, indicating an optimal balance between engagement and ad spending.

At Adfire Health, we work with healthcare marketers to create optimized, highly effective, data-based digital engagement strategies. With Thumbprint™, our segmented data ecosystem of over 8.2 million healthcare professionals, we can offer direct access to healthcare professionals nationwide.

We bring our years of hands-on experience to every new campaign and work with you to get the best results possible. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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