Reach HCPs In Their Element Through Premium Ad Placements

Use premium ad placements to cut through the clutter and stay top of mind with your HCP audiences.

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Understanding Premium Placements

Target HCPs On Top-Visited Sites Across The Web

Target HCPs On Top-Visited Sites Across The Web
Premium ad placements allow you to reach HCPs across high-quality, high-traffic trustworthy websites. Adfire Health has access to millions of premium sites–like Forbes, The Washington Post, and USA Today – and hundreds of private marketplaces.
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How Premium Ad Placements Work

Premium publishers offer great opportunities to advertise to HCPs as they’re engaging with content on platforms that they trust and enjoy.
The Adfire Health Advantage

Why You Should Be Using Premium Ad Placements

Premium ad placement is a powerful tactic that increases engagement, establishes brand trust, and drives conversions. Take advantage of the benefits premium placements offer.

Halo Effect

The halo effect is the confidence and reliance that is transferred to your brand when you advertise with a premium publisher. HCPs already know and trust the publisher, further establishing brand trust simply through association.

Establish Brand Equity

Gain additional recognition and merit by showcasing your brand on well-known and trusted websites. 

Increase Efficiency

Activate healthcare campaigns with laser-focused HCP audiences that boost engagement and generate real-world results. Take advantage of our private marketplace agreements and proprietary database that includes over 8 million HCPs.

Privacy Compliant

Our first-party data allows us to accurately track your success with NPI-level reporting in a privacy-compliant way.

Brand Safety

Your brand’s safety comes first. We use pre-bid filters to prevent our clients’ media from being served on suspicious or unsafe websites. We can also block select websites from your campaign as needed. 

Knowledge is Power

How can we help your marketing?


How can we help your marketing?