Programmatic: The Future of Healthcare Advertising

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Embrace the Power of Programmatic

The digital revolution has created a new world for healthcare marketing that requires hyper-targeted campaigns. Healthcare professionals are absorbing information at unprecedented rates. With programmatic technology, Adfire Health can connect to them in real-time as they traverse the internet on their desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

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Display Ads in 100 Unnoticeable Milliseconds

A healthcare professional visits a website
The website sells that impression at auction
Our identity graph enables us to pinpoint that healthcare professional
The impression is valued and we submit a bid
The highest bid wins and the ad is placed

Have More Control

Quality Placement

Brand safety is important to us. To mitigate concerns about fraudulent impressions or clicks, Adfire Health is constantly improving performance metrics and controls.

Diverse Channels

Adfire Health can help your brand scale its messaging and deliver ads to the proper audience at the right time with large pools of media inventory.

Transparent Processes

Adfire Health provides detailed reports that measure performance and deliver deep audience insights to improve ongoing campaigns. We are available for ongoing consultations to explain and optimize performance results.

Secure Practices

Adfire Health runs DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science across all campaigns to monitor placements and safe-guard our customers’ brands.

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