OTT vs. CTV Healthcare Advertising

OTT vs. CTV Healthcare Advertising: Are They the Same? (+ 3 Helpful Tips)

CTV and OTT healthcare advertising are great ways to show the relationship between advertisers and the new digital world. There’s an exciting new ecosystem growing with an addressable audience; viewers of streaming TV in the US could surpass traditiona …

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How a Cardiovascular Tech Company Grew Traffic by 57% & Achieved a 6X Lower CPC Than the Competition

Learn how Adfire Health’s campaign reached the client’s goals and delivered exceptional results.

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5 Powerful Benefits of Programmatic Healthcare Advertising

Healthcare companies have historically built their ad campaigns on traditional advertising strategies and tactics. While those still have their place in any company’s marketing mix, the healthcare industry’s continued shift to all things technology mea …

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How an RX Drug Manufacturer Used Adfire Health to Achieve a 14:1 ROI

The Challenge Improving Efficiency & Eliminating Waste A black-box RX drug manufacturer conducted a media mix analysis study of their fiscal year vendors with the goal of: Becoming more efficient with their future marketing spend Understanding and …

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DOOH Healthcare Advertising

An Intro to DOOH Healthcare Advertising

Is digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising part of your HCP campaigns? If not, it should be. Here’s an introduction to DOOH healthcare advertising and why it’s worth your attention and a portion of your advertising budget. Get Started with Adfire Health …

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The Ultimate Guide to HCP Video Advertising

Video is far and away people’s most popular way to consume digital content. By 2022, the number of digital video viewers will approach 250MM.1 Continued advancements in mobile technology, like the adoption of 5G, will propel video’s stardom even more. …

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