5 Ways Virtual Hiring Events Are Helping Recruiters

Virtual Hiring Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a digital transformation in the healthcare industry and recruiters are seizing this opportunity by hosting virtual events. Since COVID-19, 83 percent of in-person hiring events have been canceled, postponed and/or made virtual. As a result, more recruiters are turning to virtual events as a remote alternative to meet increasing hiring demands, overcome hiring challenges and connect with candidates from the safety of their own home.

Learn five beneficial ways virtual hiring solutions are helping recruiters make meaningful connections with candidates.

1. More Opportunities for Engagement

Over 49 percent of marketers say that audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful event. Virtual hiring events offer real-time chat, Q&As, interaction sessions, video interviews and several other mediums that make it easier for candidates to connect with recruiters from anywhere in the country–whether it be their home, the coffee shop, or their current job. This greatly expands a recruiter’s reach, allowing them to access more candidates, including those who may be willing to relocate. Between the flexibility and endless opportunities to interact, virtual hiring solutions offer a comfortable environment for candidates to communicate directly with recruiters, which is why 30 percent of candidates are more likely to speak to a person in a virtual setting.

2. Boosts Employer Branding

Employer branded events build trust, which is the most powerful currency in the recruitment business. Marketing your employer brand helps spread awareness, engage candidates and build a more impactful recruiter-candidate relationship. Over 87 percent of consumers who interact with a brand daily feel more loyal to that organization and prospects are more likely to apply to a job for an organization that they know and trust. Personalize the candidate experience by using this benefit to your full advantage.

3. Reduces Time to Fill

Powerful recruitment technology used during virtual hiring events selects pre-qualified talent, monitors their engagement and allows recruiters to interview candidates on the spot, which dramatically reduces time to fill. According to a study by DHI, it takes an average of 49 days to fill a role in healthcare and hiring processes that take longer than usual can scare away some of your best candidates. In fact, studies show that the best candidates are usually off the market within 10 days. By harnessing the power of technology, recruiters can complete screening processes that used to take weeks, in a matter of minutes, allowing them to fill positions faster and more efficiently than before.

4. Cuts Costs

One of the most exciting benefits virtual hiring solutions offer recruiters is that they cut costs. The average in-person event can run recruiters $27,715 or more, regardless of the turnout. In 2019, businesses reported spending almost 25 percent of their marketing budget on events. With less expenses and travel fees eliminated, recruiters can allocate the extra money towards marketing the event to attract more qualified candidates. In fact, experts have calculated the costs and discovered that hosting a virtual hiring event costs one-third of the price of an in-person–making it a more cost-effective option.

5. More Qualified Candidates

If your virtual hiring event was a success, you will have a pipeline filled with quality candidates who are engaged and ready to be interviewed. Studies have shown that starting with stronger candidates is one way to hire stronger people. After a series of live chats, interactive sessions and virtual interviews, recruiters have successfully weeded out candidates who aren’t a good fit and are left with the strongest applicants to choose from. To find and attract the top 25 percent to your virtual hiring event, it is recommended to add words like award, honor, society, leader, coach, fellowship, promoted, patent to your Boolean search strings –achievers are driven by these words and are more likely to include them in their profiles and resumes.

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