15+ Podcasts Every Healthcare Recruitment Leader Should Listen To

For healthcare recruitment leaders, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices is crucial to success. One of the smartest ways to stay informed is by listening to podcasts that cover a range of topics related to healthcare recruitment. In this article, we’ll highlight more than 15 of the best talent acquisition and healthcare recruitment podcasts for you to add to your listening queue.

Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy

Hosted by: James Mackey

Topics: Talent acquisition trends and strategies, recruitment marketing, candidate experience, employer branding, diversity and inclusion, and technology in recruitment

Guests: Industry leaders, HR experts, and recruitment specialists, such as Eric Ly, Steven Rothberg, and Lance Tripp

About: Hosted by SecureVision CEO James Mackey, the Talent Acquisition Trends & Strategy podcast focuses on the recruitment space. Drawing on his extensive experience working with over 150 VC-backed tech companies, the podcast offers unique insights and trends into talent acquisition and recruitment. Healthcare recruitment leaders can benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared on the podcast.

HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources

Hosted by: Josh Zygmont

Topics: Compliance, talent management, employee engagement, and workplace culture

Guests: HR professionals and subject matter experts, such as Ramona Shaw, Caroline Werner, and Mark Hager.

About:The HR Works podcast is designed to provide HR professionals with clear, relevant, and actionable information on the topics that matter to them the most. Hosted by HR Daily Advisor Editor Jim Davis, the podcast covers a wide range of HR-related topics, including the latest HR trends and best practices.

By listening to HR Works, healthcare recruitment leaders can stay up-to-date on the latest HR developments and gain practical advice to enhance their recruitment strategies and processes.

RecTech Podcast

Hosted by: Chris Russell

Topics: Recruiting technology, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and candidate experience

Guests: HR technology vendors, recruiters, and thought leaders, such as Anthony Gentile, Rebecca Schoepfer, and Amit Parmar.

About: The RecTech Podcast, hosted by Chris Russell, is one of the best podcasts for healthcare recruiters and leaders. The podcast is an audio interview series that features conversations with industry executives, recruiters, and vendors on how they utilize technology to source and hire top talent

The podcast airs every Monday, with a new episode released each week. Along with the interviews, the podcast also includes a weekly news segment titled “This Week in RecTech.” This segment provides a roundup of the latest recruiting technology news and airs every Friday morning.

Recruiting Trailblazers

Hosted by: Marcus Edwardes

Topics: Employer branding, candidate experience, recruiting on social media, talent acquisition strategy, and leadership

Guests: HR leaders, practitioners, and experts, such as Brian Fink, Ryan Musselman, and Hannah Jane

About:Recruiting Trailblazers is a podcast dedicated to showcasing the exceptional efforts and ideals of talented individuals in the recruitment industry. Through interviews with highly successful recruiters, leaders, and innovators, host Marcus Edwardes delves into their experiences, opinions, and wisdom.

The podcast aims to provide valuable insights and knowledge on the latest recruitment trends, techniques, and best practices.

Definitively Speaking

Hosted by: Justin Steinman

Topics: Healthcare recruitment, healthcare staffing, healthcare data, and automation

Guests: Healthcare industry experts, such as Anthony Gentile, Scott Seidelmann, and Cara McNulty

About: In the Definitively Speaking podcast, Justin Steinman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Definitive Healthcare, leads data-driven conversations with healthcare thought leaders from across the $4 trillion industry. The healthcare industry is notoriously complex, and this podcast aims to unpack it through insightful discussions on the latest trends and emerging issues.

Justin and his guests explore the implications of these trends and offer their perspectives on where the industry is heading. By listening to this podcast, healthcare recruitment leaders can gain valuable insights into the healthcare industry’s inner workings and stay ahead of the curve.

The Josh Bersin Company

Hosted by: Josh Bersin

Topics: Artificial intelligence, human resources technology, pay equity, and talent acquisition trends

About:The Josh Bersin Company Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of work, talent acquisition, and human resources. Hosted by renowned industry analyst Josh Bersin, the podcast provides valuable insights on the latest trends and best practices in HR and talent management. Whether you’re an HR professional or simply interested in how work is evolving, the Josh Bersin Company Podcast is a rich source of information and inspiration.

In recent months, the podcast has primarily focused on understanding artificial intelligence and its impact on HR, hiring, and corporate training.

The Talent Cast

Hosted by: James Ellis

Topics: Employer branding, recruitment marketing, candidate experience, and talent acquisition

About:The Talent Cast podcast aims to enhance your knowledge about recruiting and hiring through their focus on employer branding. They want to revamp traditional notions of employer branding, recruiting, and hiring. If you’re eager to break free from conventional thinking in these areas, then this is the podcast for you.

The discussions are fearless and unapologetic, as James challenges established practices in pursuit of what truly works. Tune in to gain insights that will help you excel in the competitive world of talent acquisition.

Heroes of Healthcare

Hosted by: Ted Weyn and Olivia D’Angelo Reed

Topics: Healthcare innovation, hiring trends, leadership, and technology

Guests: Healthcare leaders and innovators, such as Dr. Maria Maccecchini, Dr. Stacy Blain, and Ginny Bonner

About:The Heroes of Healthcare podcast is devoted to showcasing the courageous and compassionate individuals within the healthcare industry who are dedicated to improving lives in their communities. The podcast highlights the inspiring stories of these selfless professionals who are striving to bring about positive transformation in the healthcare sector.

The Recruitment Mentors Podcast

Hosted by: Hishem Azzouz

Topics: Recruitment best practices, leadership, and personal development

Guests: Recruitment leaders and experts, such as Mike Ames, Roger Wilkinson, and Bea Meyrick

About: Tune in every Monday and Thursday as Hishem engages in insightful conversations with accomplished recruitment entrepreneurs from various parts of the globe.

The mission of The Recruitment Mentors Podcast is to break down experts’ strategies for career growth and continuous success by delving into their daily routines, mental frameworks, leadership techniques, and many other factors. Explore how these exceptional individuals have risen to the top of their field and what lessons we can learn from their experiences.

Recruiting Future

Hosted by: Matt Alder

Topics: Talent acquisition strategy, employer branding, technology, automation, marketing, diversity & inclusion, culture, experience, and the future of work

Guests: HR leaders and experts, such as Abby Hamilton, Alex Her, and Sarah Fern

About:The Recruiting Future Podcast is a leading show on talent acquisition, consistently ranking in the Chartable Global Business Top 100 chart. The podcast showcases successful practitioners who have adapted to the fast-changing landscape of talent acquisition. By sharing their experiences, the podcast aims to drive the industry forward and provide a glimpse of what successful evolution looks like.

The Recruitment Hackers Podcast

Hosted by: Max Armbruster

Topics: Recruitment technology, candidate sourcing, and talent acquisition

Guests: Recruitment technology experts, such as Thad Price, Lana Morgan, and Alison Daley

About:The Recruitment Hackers Podcast understands that in today’s fast-paced world, the top talent acquisition professionals are always seeking innovative and efficient ways to achieve outstanding results. Join Max every week as he interviews industry leaders in talent acquisition, covering a wide range of topics, from recruitment automation and effective interviewing techniques to adapting to new talent markets.

Recruitment is akin to sales, and in this competitive space, some employers succeed at the expense of others. Through their discussions, they strive to equip listeners with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in this challenging and dynamic field.

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Hosted by: Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman

Topics: Recruitment technology, candidate experience, and industry news

About: Tune in for a lively and entertaining discussion on all things related to recruiting, recruitment marketing, technology, talent management, and workforce economics with Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman, industry veterans with a wealth of experience and a penchant for delivering brash opinions and humorous commentary.

The Chad & Cheese Podcast offers insights on current news stories and a diverse range of topics, drawing on the expertise of practitioners, vendors, and startups. Whether you’re a hiring company, employer, or vendor, you won’t want to miss out on the hosts’ valuable insights and comedic banter.

The Talent Economy Podcast

Hosted by: HR best practices, leadership, and employee engagement

Guests: HR and TA thought leaders, such as Katie Bolger, Mada Saghete, and Anthony Onesto

About: In today’s global market, companies are grappling with fierce competition for highly skilled talent. To attract and retain top-tier professionals, organizations must be prepared to accommodate their unique preferences around work and lifestyle.

The Talent Economy Podcast features thought leaders, recruitment experts, and successful freelancers, who come together to discuss the ever-evolving nature of work and provide valuable insights on how organizations can navigate these changes to ensure success. Explore the latest trends and strategies in the talent acquisition landscape.

Modern Healthcare’s Healthcare Insider Podcast

Hosted by: Modern Healthcare staff

Topics: Healthcare news and industry trends

Guests: Healthcare industry experts, such as Brian Doerr, Dr. Andrew Agwunobi, and Paulette Anest

About:The Modern Healthcare’s Healthcare Insider Podcast is a podcast by Modern Healthcare Custom Media. Their hosts conduct interviews with some of the most accomplished leaders in healthcare to gain insight into how they are tackling the most urgent challenges facing the industry. They explore the innovative developments that are propelling the industry forward.

One episode, for example, reveals how a strategic approach to talent planning, proactive scheduling and management of staff, and the utilization of recruitment scheduling tools can enhance the patient experience.

HealthLeaders Podcast

Hosted by: HealthLeaders staff

Topics: Healthcare news and industry trends

Guests: Healthcare industry leaders and experts, such as Sophy Li, Geoffrey Boyce, and Rona Lehman

About:The HealthLeaders Podcast covers the latest healthcare news and industry trends. Healthcare recruitment leaders will benefit from staying informed on the latest developments in the industry.

Recruitment Leaders Podcast

Hosted by: Barclay Jones

Guests: Recruitment leaders, HR experts, and business leaders

Topics: Recruitment, talent acquisition, leadership, and business growth strategies, candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, employer branding, recruitment technology, and talent acquisition trends

About:The Recruitment Leaders Podcast is a great resource for healthcare recruitment leaders looking to stay informed on the latest recruitment trends and best practices in the industry. You’ll learn how to source candidates, grow in your career, and utilize recruitment data more effectively.

The Resilient Recruiter

Hosted by: Mark Whitby

Topics: Recruitment best practices, leadership, and personal development

Guests: Recruitment leaders and experts, such as Michael Goldman, Andrea Colabella, and Allan Fisher

About:The Resilient Recruiter is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with recruitment industry leaders who share the secrets to their success. The host delves into the habits, strategies, attitudes, and insights of highly successful recruiting professionals.

The guests will candidly discuss their personal experiences, including the mistakes and “failures” they’ve encountered along the way, and the valuable lessons they’ve learned from them. By learning from the experiences of others, you can avoid common pitfalls and discover shortcuts that will help you achieve faster results.

Wrapping Up: Healthcare Recruiting Podcasts for TA & HR Leaders

There are numerous podcasts available for healthcare recruitment leaders. The best part? All the podcasts mentioned above enable you to gain insights from recruitment experts, learn about the latest trends in the industry, and enhance your TA and leadership skills. Here’s to this year being your most successful recruitment year yet!

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