High-Volume Recruitment: the What & How

High-volume recruitment

Industries like healthcare, retail, and hospitality rely on high-volume recruitment to meet their staffing requirements. In fact, almost two-thirds of brands say they have high-volume hiring needs.

However, when you’re looking to hire hundreds — or even thousands — of employees, the recruitment process becomes far more complex, leading to potential challenges.

In this piece, we’ll explore what high-volume recruitment is, the challenges you can expect, and the best high-volume recruiting strategies for success.

What Is High-Volume Hiring?

“What is volume recruitment?” is a question we hear often. Here’s the quick answer.

High-volume hiring, also referred to as high-volume recruitment, is the practice of hiring a large number of employees in a given period. A high-volume recruitment team may, for example, be responsible for hiring anywhere from hundreds to thousands of employees in a year or even a season.

High-volume recruitment is commonly needed when:

  • Hiring for the holiday season
  • An industry sees sudden growth
  • Opening a new company or branch
  • A startup receives a funding round

What Are the Challenges of Large-Scale Recruitment?

Poor Candidate Experience

When you’re looking to hire hundreds of employees quickly, there won’t be much time to communicate with each candidate, answer questions, and coordinate interviews properly. In this type of environment, it’s easy for candidates to have a negative experience — a no-no in a candidate-driven market.

Sourcing Quality Candidates

As a high-volume recruiter, you may rely on inbound strategies, especially when you’re hiring for hundreds of positions. You create a job description, post it to a few job boards, and then hope for the best. While this high-volume hiring strategy can get you a large quantity of candidates — it won’t work for quality.

Getting the right candidates requires smart sourcing strategies, ones that promote your open roles and employer brand to active and passive candidates.

However, investing in sourcing quality candidates is worthwhile; you’ll speed up the recruitment process and avoid wasting hiring managers’ time.

Interview Overload

Without a big enough team or the right technology, it becomes almost impossible to set up job interviews for hundreds — if not thousands — of candidates. Coordinating the logistics with both candidates and hiring managers will quickly become unsustainable.

The consequences?

  • Recruiter burnout
  • Details will fall through the cracks
  • You’ll likely lose good candidates

Lastly, high-volume recruiters are often tasked with hiring for several of the same role, making the above difficulties even more challenging.

4 Best High-Volume Recruiting Strategies

Utilize a Virtual Hiring Event Solution

A virtual hiring event platform — like Live Recruit — will solve the above high-volume recruitment problems. In addition to providing a better candidate experience, virtual hiring events make it easy to coordinate interviews and source candidates via recruitment marketing.

Instead of candidates applying and recruiters having to set up interviews, candidates simply join a hiring event, where the recruiter sifts out the best ones from a large talent pool and then instantly connects them with hiring managers — all within the platform.

Create a Candidate-First Strategy

High-volume recruitment shouldn’t just be about hiring quickly; it’s about offering each candidate a positive experience. That’s what will make your employer brand stand out, helping you attract more and better candidates.

A virtual hiring event solution will help you provide a candidate-first experience while meeting the challenges of volume hiring. Here’s why candidates love virtual hiring events:

  • No need to travel
  • Reduced time commitment
  • Meet recruiters from the comfort of home
  • Speak directly with recruiters & hiring managers

Track Your Recruiting Metrics

Real-time reports and analytics should be the lifeblood of every high-volume recruiter. A virtual hiring event platform will provide extensive metrics, from a big-picture overview of your talent pipeline to the number of event registrants and candidates interviewed.

Additionally, track your sourcing metrics closely so you can see which marketing channels are providing the best ROI. Lastly, pay attention to time-per-hire and cost-per-hire, as hiring candidates quickly is one of the keys to staying ahead of the competition and keeping costs down.

Work With a Recruitment Marketing Partner

Sourcing quality candidates is one of the hardest parts of high-volume recruitment, especially when you’re struggling to fill your open positions. Find a partner that can help promote your employer brand, roles, and hiring events to active and passive candidates.

At a minimum, your volume recruitment services partner should be able to reach candidates via these channels:

  • Search
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Job boards
  • Display
  • Social media
  • Direct mail

In addition to virtual hiring events, Live Recruit provides employers with recruitment marketing to attract candidates and build your employer brand.

Wrapping Up: High-Volume Recruiting in 2022 & Beyond

More than anything else, here’s what we want you to take away from this piece: Succeeding at high-volume recruitment is all about using the right technologies.

Incorporating the above strategies, including investing in a virtual hiring event solution, will make your recruitment more sustainable in 2022 and beyond — no matter your hiring needs.

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