What Is a Calendar URL & How Do They Work?

Calendar URL

Do you use calendar URLs to schedule interviews with candidates? If not, you should be. Rather than trying to schedule interviews over the phone or a long email chain, a candidate will be able to put time on your calendar based on your availability. Calendar URLs are also essential if you’re a recruiter using a virtual hiring event platform, such as Live Recruit. They’ll make it easy for candidates to schedule post-event interviews with you, other recruiters, or a hiring manager. Here’s an overview of what calendar URLs are, how they work, and how to find one.

What Is a Calendar URL?

Also called an automated scheduling link, a calendar URL is a unique URL that allows anyone with the link to schedule time on your calendar based on your availability. If you use a calendar URL tool like Calendly, for example, your link will typically look like this: calendly.com/yourname.

There are a variety of calendar URL options, from mobile apps to email plug-ins and web-based solutions. Some popular ones include Calendly, ScheduleOnce, and Doodle. Keep in mind that most of the options on the market are free, but you’ll need to upgrade to use the advanced features.

Why bother using a calendar URL tool?

  • Streamline Your Operations: Automation is transforming every part of the recruitment process, and interview scheduling is no different. By using a calendar URL tool, you can focus on other aspects of your job — without the constant disruption of having to schedule interviews.
  • Avoid Errors: If you schedule interviews manually, it’s easy to make mistakes and put in the wrong time and date. And the chances of errors rises exponentially if you interview multiple candidates a day.
  • Increase Efficiency: While inputting an interview into your calendar may not seem like a big deal at first, going back and forth in emails, calling candidates, and confirming details can be very time-consuming. On the other hand, scheduling interviews with a Calendar URL tool is fast, convenient, and accurate.

How Do Calendar URLs Work?

While calendar URLs will work slightly differently depending on the tool you’re using, the process is similar across-the-board. Once you sign up for a scheduling platform, you’ll have access to a calendar URL link you can copy and send to candidates. After they click on the link, they’ll be able to book a date and time on your calendar. Keep in mind the candidate won’t be able to access your calendar; they’ll only be able to see when you can meet with them. Once a candidate schedules a date and time, both of you will receive a notification and the event will automatically be added to both of your calendars. You’ll also have the option to send the candidate a confirmation via email.

What Are the Main Calendar URL Providers?


Calendly is an automated scheduling software that makes it easy for recruiters to set up interviews with candidates. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Sign up for a Calendly account
  2. Connect your calendar to Calendly
  3. Pick calendars you want Calendly to check
  4. Define the interview duration
  5. Copy the scheduling link
  6. Share the scheduling link with candidates

Here’s more information about how to get started on Calendly and find the URL for your calendar.

Google Calendar

If you use a work Google Calendar account, you can set up appointment blocks on your calendar that candidates can reserve. For example, you can set aside 3 to 4 hours every day for interviews, and candidates can book a 30-minute slot. To get started, first you’ll need to create an appointment block. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Calendar using your work account
  2. Go to Week or Day view
  3. Click on the calendar and when an event box pops up, click Appointment slots
  4. Enter any necessary details, such as the title, location, and description
  5. After setting up the slots, click on the appointment
  6. Click Publish event
  7. Copy and paste the appointment page link
  8. Share the link with candidates

Once a candidate has the link, they’ll be able to click an available slot or cancel if necessary. Here’s more information about finding a calendar URL on Google Calendar.

Doodle 1:1

Doodle is an online meeting scheduling tool. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up for Doodle
  2. Click Create a Doodle at the top of the page
  3. Add the name, location, and any other important details
  4. Select the time slots you’re available to interview candidates
  5. Copy and paste the link
  6. Share the link with candidates

Once you share the link, candidates can select a slot. You’ll then be notified by email when they choose an interview time. The tool seamlessly integrates with your calendar so you can stay organized. However, you’ll need to connect your Doodle account to your calendar (more information here). Keep in mind that Doodle 1:1 is a premium feature so you’ll need to upgrade from the free version.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a Squarespace company that provides online appointment scheduling software. Here’s how to get started:

Set Your Availability

  1. Sign up for Acuity Scheduling
  2. Integrate Acuity with your calendar (this isn’t required)
  3. Click to the Availability settings
  4. Use the boxes at the top of the page to enter the hours (time slots) you’re available
  5. Click Set Hours

Create an Appointment Type

  1. Navigate to Business Settings
  2. Click Appointment Types
  3. Choose your appointment type (Consultation is the default)
  4. Update the details
  5. Click Update Appointment Type on the bottom of the page

Send Candidates to Your Scheduling Page

  1. Navigate to Client’s Scheduling Page
  2. Click Scheduling Page Link
  3. Copy the link at the top
  4. Share the link with candidates


ScheduleOnce is an automated scheduling tool that allows you to easily schedule one on one or group interviews with candidates.

After signing up for ScheduleOnce, here are the steps for getting started:

Set Your Availability

  1. Select your profile picture at the right-hand corner of your page
  2. Click My profile
  3. Click Availability
  4. Update your availability (to show candidates when you have open time slots)

Connect Your Calendar

  1. Click your Profile icon
  2. Select Calendar connection
  3. Connect the calendars you use (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.)

Adjust the Event Type

On a new account, you’ll have three automatic Event types:

  • 15-minute meeting
  • 30-minute meeting
  • 60-minute meeting

You can change the Event type names, time duration, and more.

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click ScheduleOnce Setup
  3. Click Event types
  4. Click relevant Event type
  5. Click Primary settings to update the name
  6. Click Time slot setting and Event type duration to update the time duration

Share Your Link With a Candidate

  1. Click the Schedule button in the top menu
  2. Click Share a booking link
  3. Click Copy & close
  4. Share the link with a candidate

Here’s more information about how to get started with ScheduleOnce.

Moving Forward With Calendar URLs & Virtual Recruiting

As the recruitment industry continues to go digital, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to use automated scheduling software. By making the switch from traditional scheduling, you’ll improve the candidate experience, increase productivity, and be more likely to hit your hiring goals. Additionally, calendar URLs are particularly helpful for virtual career fairs and virtual hiring events, where you could be meeting with dozens of potential candidates. Once you’ve decided to move forward with a candidate, calendar URLs will allow them to easily schedule a post-event interview. Using the right tools will make your virtual recruitment efforts far more effective and efficient — now that’s a win your boss will love.

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