How a Major Health System Attracted 35 Rad Tech Candidates With a 1:1 LinkedIn Campaign

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The Challenge

A major healthcare system in Illinois had immediate needs to hire dozens of Radiologic Technologists (Rad Techs). They partnered with Adfire Health to leverage their 1:1 targeting capabilities in the digital healthcare space.

The Solution

Build a Comprehensive Target List of Rad Tech Candidates

  • Using ThumbprintTM, Adfire Health’s data ecosystem, the team handcrafted a custom list of Rad Tech candidates, including their personal email addresses.  

Target Rad Techs Utilizing a 1:1 LinkedIn Campaign 

  • The health system identified LinkedIn as an apt sourcing channel, so the Adfire Health team launched a 1:1 campaign targeting Rad Techs and driving them to a custom-built landing page. 
  • By using the custom target list — and integrating ThumbprintTM data into the LinkedIn ad exchange — Adfire Health only showed ads to those specific candidates, driving significant engagement and eliminating wasted spend. 

Review Reporting & Optimize  

  • Adfire Health’s team compiled metrics, including impressions, click-through rate, and cost-per-click throughout the campaign. They then optimized the placement, copy, frequency, bids, and audience to drive maximum engagement for the lowest cost.

The Results

By partnering with Adfire Health, the health system saw incredible results within months: 

  • 35 highly qualified candidates interviewed 
  • 128% better CTRs than LinkedIn’s global average 
  • 102% higher engagement rate than LinkedIn’s average
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