Programmatic Job Advertising: The Next Wave Of Healthcare Recruitment Optimization


Optimize Your Healthcare Recruitment With Programmatic Job Advertising

Learn why the healthcare recruitment industry is shifting from traditional online recruiting techniques to save time and money, and maximize their ROI using programmatic job advertising solutions.
Traditional online recruitment requires healthcare recruiters to manually search for the right job board sites, bargain rates, input job info, and then track campaigns to interpret the ROI. Programmatic job advertisements offer a faster and more cost-effective approach that enables healthcare organizations to work smarter, not harder.
Download this white paper and learn how to:
  • Reach hundreds of medical job sites from one application
  • Evenly distribute application rates for open positions
  • Decrease spending per position filled
  • Experience a faster recruitment cycle
  • Manage all of your job advertising spend from one centralized platform
Access this complete report brought to you by Adfire Health, a leading provider of intelligent talent acquisition solutions designed to help you hire qualified healthcare talent in a faster, smarter, and more affordable way.

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