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Start meaningful conversation with HCPs, patients, and consumers. Advance your business with data-driven healthcare marketing strategies.

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“Adfire Health is a dream partner. We’re so happy we found them. No other vendor comes close, and they offer unmatched service. We’re going to brag about Adfire Health.”

Digital Media Supervisor

“These are the best numbers the company has ever seen in its history of existence.”

Digital Marketing VP

“The Adfire Health team is great to work with, extremely responsive, very flexible, and open to testing new technology, and always willing to go above and beyond for us.”

VP, Strategy

Adfire Health’s advertising Solutions

Become a Leading Brand in Healthcare

Adfire Health is committed to creating opportunities for brands to reach healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers. Through our bespoke process, we educate and equip our partners with proprietary solutions that enable and optimize their efforts for the best results.

Brand Launch

Generate awareness with targeted HCP segments  to build brand affinity and drive script lift for FDA-approved products.

Disease State Education

Inform HCPs, patients, and consumers about unique therapies and mechanisms of action.


Patient Marketing

Expand your patient base by leveraging customized, data-driven digital strategies for optimal growth.

Handcrafted Audiences

Get Connected with ThumbprintTM, a Rich Data Ecosystem

Build robust, persistent user profiles to drive superior engagement.

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End-to-End Ecosystem

Precisely target HCP, patient, and consumer audiences with Thumbprint™, our comprehensive and brand-safe data ecosystem that utilizes first- and third-party data.

Validated, Personal, First-party HCP Data

Build audience segments from over 8.2 million HCPs across 100+ license types and 660+ specialties to efficiently target and reach the right HCPs on a 1:1 level.

Superior Patient and Consumer Reach

Enhance your third-party patient and consumer targeting through strategic data layering to innovatively and ethically engage, connect with, and convert your target patient and consumer groups.

Adfire Health’s Capabilities

The Right Place, The Perfect Time, The Optimal Way

Drive awareness and engagement with Adfire Health’s extensive range of capabilities. Reach targeted segments on the devices they use, the environments they frequent and with the ad formats they notice.

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Reach diverse audiences effectively and maximize engagement across different platforms and touchpoints.



Increase synergy with HCPs by targeting them on their mobile, desktop, and other devices. 

Cross Device


Elevate your brand and build trust through strategic ad placements across the web.

Point of Care
Mobile & In-app


Drive ad impact by diversifying the types of advertisements your brand delivers. 

High Impact
Measurement & Reporting

Receive Outcome-Based Insights

Increase the likelihood of ongoing brand engagement and conversions with insights that will improve marketing performance. 

Custom Reporting
Receive reports on your preferred schedule and destination.

Actionable Insights
Access unrivaled insights into media to improve efficiency.

NPI-Level Measurement
Learn from data which HCPs interact with your marketing at the most granular level.

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The Adfire Health Advantage

The Audience You Want, The Results You Desire, The People You Love to Work With

At Adfire Health, we support marketers, healthcare professionals, families, and communities on their journey to improve patient outcomes.

How can we help your marketing?


How can we help your marketing?