Increase Synergy With HCPs Through Cross-Device Marketing

Reach HCPs anywhere at any time on their smartphones, work computers, PCs, tables, TVs, and more.

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Understanding Cross-Device Marketing

Maximize Your Brand Presence By Reaching HCPs’ Personal Devices

The average American has access to more than ten connected devices in their household. Cross-device marketing in healthcare targets healthcare professionals (HCPs) with ads or content across each device. The goal is to provide a seamless experience for HCPs, regardless of the device they use, and to increase engagement and conversion rates.

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Understanding Cross-Device Marketing
Reach HCPs Anywhere, Any Time

Optimize Your Ads Across Multiple Devices & Ad Environments

Healthcare marketers should tailor their ad strategies to the environment where their ads will appear. Optimizing ads for each environment creates a consistent brand experience across multiple devices and touchpoints, increasing brand awareness and engagement among HCPs.
  • Mobile

    Mobile environments offer healthcare marketers a powerful platform for engaging HCPs via apps, web browsers, email clients, and more.

  • Tablet

    Advertising to HCPs on tablets is effective because of the portability, interactivity, personalization, cost-effectiveness, and data-collection capabilities these devices offer.

  • PC

    PC environments, particularly web browsers, provide brands with a larger screen presence, longer session times, increased audience reach, and better tracking and attribution capabilities.

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Why Cross-Device Advertising Is Effective

Overall, cross-device marketing is an effective way to engage and expose HCPs to consistent brand messaging. However, it's important to follow privacy regulations and keep the messaging relevant and non-intrusive. When you utilize cross-device advertising technologies, you can reap powerful benefits for your marketing efforts.

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How can we help your marketing?