Target HCPs with 1:1 Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Improve marketing performance with social media advertisements to healthcare professionals. 

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Social Advertising
The Challenge

Social Advertising to Healthcare Professionals Works

70% of HCPs use social media for personal and professional use and 25% use social media for treatment information. Take advantage of full-funnel social advertising strategies to meet your goals for strategically important campaigns.
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Drive more leads
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Where To Advertise

Advertise On The Social Channels HCPs Frequent Most

Facebook Logo


Facebook has advanced targeting capabilities that allow us to advertise to HCPs based on location and interests, and then we can retarget your website visitors.

Instagram Logo


Instagram captures the essence of visual marketing. Offerings that can leverage visual appeal tend to do well here.

Twitter Logo


40% of HCPs download health-related content from Twitter. Take advantage of this channel by sharing your brand’s content here.

Youtube Logo


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web and allows you to target video ads according to user searches, location, and more.

TikTok Logo


TikTok allows HCPs to educate their audiences in fun and creative ways. Advertise on this platform to reach the 3.8 million HCPs using TikTok today.

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Audiences on LinkedIn have 2x the buying power of average web audiences, plus they are 6x more likely to convert.

Our Data

Engage HCPs on Social Media With Adfire Health’s Data

Adfire Health will help you select, target, and engage the right HCP audiences with ThumbprintTM, our proprietary database.

Proprietary First-party Data

Our comprehensive and brand-safe data ecosystem allows healthcare marketers to utilize a database of 8.2MM+ healthcare professionals on social media.

Advanced Targeting

Further segment your audience by location, interests, demographics, retargeting, and more.

Privacy and Security

Adfire Health takes data privacy seriously. Our data complies with HIPAA, DAA, GDPR, and CCPA.

Adfire Health's Capabilities
Adfire Health’s Capabilities

Delivering More Than Healthcare Social Media

Social advertising to healthcare professionals is a smart way to build your marketing strategy. But, there is more to consider. Adfire Health can help you make sense of it. 


Increase synergy with HCPs by targeting them on their mobile, desktop, and other devices. 


Elevate your brand and build trust through strategic ad placements across the web.


Drive ad impact by diversifying the types of advertisements your brand delivers. 

The Adfire Health Advantage

Providing Unparalleled Social Media Advertising to Healthcare Professionals


Knowledge is Power

How can we help your marketing?


How can we help your marketing?