Reach HCPs Everywhere (Literally) with Mobile & In-App Healthcare Advertising

Mobile & In-App Advertising Just Works

Mobile and in-app advertising delivers highly targeted programmatic ads to HCPs when they’re using mobile devices and apps like EHRs, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Sudoku, and My Fitness Pal. (Plus 20,000+ More!)

Command HCPs’ Attention with Mobile and In-App Ads

Mobile and in-app advertising spans beyond static ads and traditional video formats. Today, you can command the attention of HCPs with the latest and greatest mobile and in-app ad formats available.

High-impact mobile ads generate HCP engagement through an array of digital touchpoints and placements that take into account the natural mobile behavior of HCPs.

Vertical mobile video ads are designed for full-screen viewing, completely engaging HCPs and driving unprecedented levels of engagement.

Interstitial mobile ads are full-screen, immersive ads that appear between an HCP’s experience on a website or mobile app.

Rich media ads add an extra (and powerful) layer of engagement to increase click-through rates and conversions.

Native mobile ads come in many shapes and sizes, including in-feed/in-content ads, content recommendation ads, and branded content. They blend in and feel natural without disturbing the viewing experience.

In-app ads feature interactive elements you can use to display at key moments during the in-app experience, ensuring a smooth experience for HCPs, and generating more clicks.

The Advantages of Mobile and In-App Advertising with Adfire Health

Let Adfire Health help you identify, build, and target a qualified audience ready to boost your bottom line. With years of healthcare and programmatic advertising experience, combined with our proprietary first-party database of 8MM+ HCPs, you can have total confidence that your mobile and in-app advertising campaigns will generate real healthcare outcomes.

No Cookies Required

Our proprietary database consists of only opted-in HCPs, meaning we can still activate mobile and in-app ads after third-party cookies become obsolete.

Crazy Good Engagement
Increase HCP engagement across digital devices on 20,000+ apps, millions of premium sites, and hundreds of private marketplaces. What’s that mean? More clicks and conversions.
Sales Lift for the Win

With over 200MM+ metrics measuring HCP digital engagement, you can optimize your healthcare campaigns in the absolute smartest way possible, improving performance, efficiency, and sales.

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