Contextual Healthcare Advertising is King

Future-Proof Your Healthcare Campaigns with Contextual Ads

The digital advertising world is changing, and the ad tech of the past is going away (goodbye, third-party cookies). It’s time to prepare your programmatic healthcare strategies for the future. Use contextual advertising to access brand-safe and cost-efficient inventory away from pricey endemic sites, and give HCPs a relevant experience that will boost your bottom line.

Advertise to HCPs When They’re Consuming Relevant Content

Contextual advertising is the practice of placing ads based on the content of a web page and pre-defined keywords. This could mean an ad for a new Rx drug to treat pollen allergies in tandem with an article on The New York Times about rising pollen counts. It could also mean an ad for a new vaccine placed in an article on Yahoo that talks about the virus. This gives you an effective, efficient, and brand-safe way to deliver contextually relevant content.

How Contextual Advertising Works

Select Your Keywords
You select the keywords you want your ad to be associated with. For example, if you’re promoting a new allergy drug, you might select keywords like “allergies,” “allergen,” or “immune system.”
Website Scraping
With your keywords entered, the contextual technology scraps web pages’ text, language, URL, link structure, and more to determine the topic of the page.
Your Ad is Served
When the technology determines your ad fits with a web page’s content, it delivers the ad to your target audience.

The Advantage of Contextual Advertising With Adfire Health

Let Adfire Health help you launch next-level contextual advertising campaigns.
More HCP Engagement
Build campaigns on a foundation of NPI-level data to engage 1.5MM+ HCPs.
Data-Driven Targeting
Target your contextual campaigns at HCPs. Refine your audience by medical speciality and other HCP characteristics so that you’re not wasting impressions.
NPI-Level Insights
Get a 360-degree view of HCP behavior. Measure and report on engagement on a 1:1 level and then optimize for scale and performance.

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