About Us

Adfire Health wants the potential of our customers’ products and services to be realized. We know that the United States is arguably the most complex healthcare system in the world. We also know that there are so many good people that work tirelessly to improve healthcare by preventing illnesses, repairing injuries and curing diseases.

We want to help. To achieve our mission, we started with a basic concept. Good ideas, products and services have tremendous potential to improve healthcare. That potential can only be realized if healthcare professionals and their patients know about those ideas, products and services.

Adfire Health utilizes our healthcare marketing experience to deliver important messaging about valuable medical products and services to healthcare professionals and patients. Our digital advertising solutions combine the power of data, programmatic technology, creativity and strategy. By placing important information in front of the right people at the right time, Adfire Health is helping our customers empower possibility.

Stethoscope in the shape of a Heart Beat on a EKG.

Our Team

We are small enough to care.

Richard Kaskel

Managing Partner

Lilia Tse

Vice President of Sales

Caitlin Demko

Creative Director

Kathy Leclair

Ad Ops Manager

Henry Cordova

Graphics Art Manager

Ilir Sabovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Harvey (Wei) Hao

Data Analyst

Jie Emily Wang

Data Analyst

Our Values

They are part of our DNA.


Innovation is more than just a new idea, product or service – it is the process of uncovering the best way to do something. We strive to offer something unique to our customers by predicting their challenges and offering solutions before they arise. 


The most influential people in the world did not get there alone. They were part of a community of friends, peers and mentors that helped inspire them to achieve more. We want to work with each other and with our customers to create solutions that help our community at large.  


Studies have shown that positive thinking has overwhelming benefits. It can improve physical health, it reduces stress, it builds trust, it enables productivity and it breeds success.  We don’t know of any other way to be. 


The need for transparency is essential for improving our healthcare system. We believe in open and truthful communication between an organization, its employees and its customers or potential customers. 


We all face obstacles. The way to overcome them is to work through them. At Adfire Health, we do not give up until we find a solution. 

Our Partners

Empower Possibility.