Native Healthcare Advertising for the Win

Ad Engagement That’s Out of This World

Native healthcare advertising delivers impactful programmatic ads to HCPs in a non-disruptive way. Seamlessly blending into the content around them, native ads give HCPs a non-intrusive way to learn more about your product or service, while giving you a way to generate engagement.

Native Ads That Attract HCPs

Native healthcare ads come in many shapes and sizes, giving you the ability to craft them in a way that meshes with your target HCP and their online behavior.

In-feed or in-content ads appear alongside other content in a newsfeed or list of content. HCPs see this type of native ad while scrolling the listings of article summaries, typically occurring in content feeds, product feeds, and social feeds.

Content recommendation widgets are a form of native advertising where an ad or paid content link is delivered via a widget, typically at the bottom of an article, displayed beside, between, or below editorial content or other paid content.

Branded content is published in the same format as the publisher’s site. These editorial-style ads are generally created in conjunction with the publisher’s content teams.

The Advantages of Native Advertising with Adfire Health

Let Adfire Health help you identify, build, and target a qualified audience of HCPs ready to boost your bottom line. With years of healthcare and programmatic advertising experience, combined with our proprietary first-party database of 8MM+ opted-in HCPs, you have total confidence that your native healthcare campaigns will be destined to generate real healthcare outcomes.

No Cookies Required

Our proprietary database consists of only opted-in HCPs, meaning we can continue to deliver targeted native ads across the web even after third-party cookies become obsolete.

Crazy Good Engagement

Use native ads to generate informative and non-disruptive HCP engagement on every digital device and channel.

Sales Lift for the Win

With over 200MM+ metrics that measure HCP digital engagement, your campaigns will be optimized in the smartest way possible, improving performance, efficiency, and sales lift.

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