Online Advertising Solutions That Reach Doctors

Online Advertising Solutions That Reach Doctors

Let’s be honest. It can be difficult and expensive to get a message in front of doctors. That doesn’t mean they don’t want, or need your services. It just means you need to be smarter with your strategy. We have identified three common challenges healthcare marketers face when trying to reach doctors and how to overcome them.

Challenge #1: Doctors Are on the Move

Doctors are not in one place for very long. They are in constant motion, whether they are in the office, consulting with patients, performing surgeries, researching recent medical discoveries, or attending meetings. With such a mobile profession, it is hard for sales and marketing teams to reach them.

The solution: Doctors constantly switch between smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. The key to reaching them is 360-degree cross-channel targeted communications. Your message must be optimized, responsive, and incorporate a cross-device strategy to maximize its effectiveness. It is important to find a provider that uses identity graphs to connect a wide array of real-time data points so that they can segment data and create hyper-targeted, personalized experiences.

Challenge #2: The Secret Email Address

Doctors can be difficult to reach through email. According to a report by Constant Contact, the average email click-through-rate for doctors is 6.2% as compared to an overall average for all industries of 9.57%. Those figures are for warm (opt-in) lists. The average open rate for cold (purchased) lists is even lower at 3-5%.

The solution: Email click-through-rates are low because many professional- or association-based lists are filled with business email addresses, but many doctors don’t use their business email addresses. They reserve valued communications for their personal email address. Messages to personal email accounts will be read at higher rates than messages to business accounts.

To circumvent this challenge, you have a few options: The main one revolves around working with a data and media partner that has access to a verified and multi-faceted list-building process. Delivery and conversion rates above industry standards will prove their data and technology is sound.

Beyond that, you can also request read receipts or email-tracking tools, which will let you know when the doctor opened your email.

Challenge #3: The Competition is Fierce

Doctors are notoriously difficult to reach and the competition is fierce. In between patient visits, documentation demands, and other administrative tasks, doctors must also find time for clinical research and professional development. Presenting doctors with marketing messages while they are consulting medical reference sites or reviewing medical journals may not be the best time.

The solution: Remember that doctors are people too. Just like anyone, doctors conduct internet research for home purchases, catch up with friends on social media and look for funny viral videos on YouTube. An excellent marketing partner will help you target doctors outside of endemic (medical) websites. Delivering personalized messages in unexpected locations will increase your exposure while decreasing your costs.

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