Acne Treatment Advertisements Go Viral on TikTok

Adfire Health delivers 71K+ Likes, 1.2K+ Comments, and 232 Shares for Acne Advertising Campaign.

The Challenge

Finding a Winning Acne Marketing Strategy

A renowned skincare brand aimed to captivate the vibrant 18 to 35 demographic with targeted acne treatment advertisements, directly addressing their skincare woes. The objective was clear: to engage this audience through a strategic blend of branded and unbranded content that resonates and connects.

However, the terrain was tricky. The acne treatment market, valued at a hefty $12.3 billion1 in 2022 and expected to balloon to over $18.5 billion by 2032, is as competitive as it gets.
Amid a heightened emphasis on skin health and a surge of new treatments entering the market, standing out is challenging. Hyper-targeting acne sufferers to address the complex causes of acne, such as stress, pollution, and lifestyle choices, adds additional complexity. With 85%2 of Americans experiencing acne at some stage and 50 million actively dealing with it, the landscape is as extensive in its potential reach and intense competition.

Enter Adfire Health, tasked by this dermatological leader, to break into the crowded acne care space. The aim? Boost landing page visits and script numbers by connecting authentically with young adults through content that entertains, educates, and inspires action. With a strategic approach that married creativity with insight, Adfire Health set out to craft a campaign that would meet and exceed the brand’s ambitious goals.

Kickstart Your Patient Advertising Strategy

The Solution

Getting The Healthcare Brand to Stand Out on TikTok

Adfire Health identified TikTok as the ideal platform to connect with younger consumers struggling with acne, leveraging its vast reach to enhance engagement and guide these individuals to the client’s website. The decision was part of a strategic initiative to tap into the platform’s dynamic user base and increase visibility among a key demographic.

Clearing Up the Scene: Hyper Targeting the 18-35 Acne Demographic

Adfire Health began by crafting a targeting strategy that was as sharp as savvy. Individuals grappling with acne span many life stages and confront varied skin health obstacles. Here are the audiences we zeroed in on.

  • Young Adults and Millennials: Life’s in high gear with career shifts, educational milestones, and personal growth—all potential acne triggers.
  • Skincare Connoisseurs: These are the folks who know their hyaluronic acid from their salicylic acid. They don’t just use products; they’re unofficial brand ambassadors.
  • Adult-Onset Acne Warriors: Facing a myriad of stressors and hormonal fluctuations, this demographic is in abundance. By engaging with these individuals, the brand positioned itself as a trusted ally in their skincare journey.
  • Men in the Mix: Skincare is gender-neutral, and so is acne. As interest in skincare grows among men, acknowledging their needs breaks down stereotypes and expands the market.
  • The Budget-Wise: Effective doesn’t have to mean expensive. Quality skincare should be affordable. Catering to this group ensures that effective solutions are accessible, emphasizing value without compromising performance.
  • Community Champions: Building a brand on community spirit means fostering a supportive space for shared experiences. Targeting these champions enhances loyalty and establishes a caring, inclusive brand culture.

Why Use TikTok for Acne Advertising Campaigns?

TikTok’s ascent as a leading social platform, especially among the younger crowd, aligns perfectly with the demographic Adfire Health aims to engage. With Gen Z and young adults flocking to TikTok3 and dedicating nearly an hour daily to scrolling4, the platform offers a prime opportunity for targeted outreach. Here’s why TikTok became Adfire Health’s strategic choice for reaching its audience:

  • Young Demographic Reach: TikTok’s user base skews towards the 18-35 age acne demographic. It’s the go-to platform for reaching individuals seeking help for skin concerns.
  • High Engagement Rates: The platform’s knack for high user engagement makes it an ideal venue for brands to capture attention. Viral potential means significant visibility for Adfire Health’s campaigns with the right content strategy.
  • Visual Storytelling: TikTok’s format supports engaging visual content, crucial for showcasing acne treatment effects through before-and-after visuals, testimonials, and product demos.
  • Interactive Content: The platform encourages user participation with features like challenges and hashtags. Adfire Health leveraged this interactivity to foster user engagement and transform viewers into brand advocates.
  • Educational Opportunity: Beyond promotions, TikTok allows for educational content about acne prevention and care, positioning Adfire Health as a trustworthy authority in skincare.
  • Trend-Setting Platform: Establishing a presence on TikTok helps position acne treatment brands as innovative and in tune with the latest digital marketing trends.

Adfire Health’s strategy on TikTok was calculated and precise—engage a young audience where they spend their time with content that educates, entertains, and encourages participation, setting the stage for a successful campaign.

The Results

Acne Advertising Campaign Enhances Brand Awareness & Consumer Engagement

From the get-go, Adfire Health’s dermatology campaign on TikTok was successful, quickly capturing the attention of the younger demographic it aimed to reach. The numbers speak volumes: within the initial three months, the campaign’s TikTok ads didn’t just attract views—they turned viewers into active participants, underlining the platform’s magnetic pull on this age group.

Elevated Engagement Through TikTok in Healthcare

The campaign’s metrics clearly indicated success, amassing over 71,000 likes, 1,200 comments, and 232 shares. The preference for video content was unmistakable, with video ads striking a chord with the audience—evidence that video reigns supreme on social media when it comes to engagement.

Strengthening Bonds with Acne-Affected Audiences

The numbers tell a story of strategic finesse: branded content achieved a 1.06% click-through rate (CTR), and unbranded content was just a little behind, with a 0.87 % CTR and an overall cost per click (CPC) of $1.22. This balanced approach between branded and unbranded narratives allowed Adfire Health’s client to present itself as an authentic and trustworthy authority and forge stronger connections with its intended audience.

Kickstart Your Patient Advertising Strategy

At Adfire Health, we work with healthcare marketers to create optimized, highly effective, data-based digital engagement strategies. With Thumbprint™, our segmented data ecosystem of over 8.2 million healthcare professionals, we can offer direct access to healthcare professionals nationwide.

We bring our years of hands-on experience to every new campaign and work with you to get the best results possible. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business.


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