Healthcare Email Marketing That Converts Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

Increase HCP engagement by advertising in email newsletters and sending email drip campaigns.  

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Email Marketing To HCPs

Include Email When You Are Building Your Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

Approximately 65% of HCPs consider email to be their preferred channel of interaction, which is why email marketing is an effective strategy to include in your marketing campaigns. It offers direct communication, targeted messaging, relationship building, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to provide valuable information and resources. By leveraging email marketing effectively, you can establish meaningful connections with HCPs, increase brand awareness, and drive desired actions and outcomes.
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Adfire Health’s Solutions

 Reach HCPS Via Email

Advertise in Newsletters

With sponsored ads, get your brand in front of HCPs who subscribe to popular newsletters. Partner with 2,500 premium publishers for exclusive access to real-time bidding on ad inventory for carefully vetted, brand-safe premium publishers.

Email Drip Campaigns

Engage targeted HCP segments by guiding them through a predefined journey. Dedicated email drip campaigns using predictive sending technology provide a steady stream of audience engagements.

Email Retargeting

Re-engage HCPs who have clicked on your advertisements or opened your emails, but haven’t yet taken a desired action, such as completing a form. Send targeted emails to engaged HCPs to remind them about your brand, product, or service.

Our Data

Building Handcrafted HCP Audiences

Adfire Health will help you select, target, and engage the right HCP audiences with ThumbprintTM, our proprietary database.

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Proprietary First-party Data

Our comprehensive and brand-safe data ecosystem allows healthcare marketers to utilize a database of 8.2MM+ healthcare professionals.

Advanced Targeting

Segment your audience by license type, specialty, location, prescribing behavior, and more. 

Privacy and Security

Adfire Health takes data privacy seriously. Our data complies with HIPAA, DAA, GDPR, and CCPA. 

Build Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Delivering More than Healthcare Email Marketing

If you are looking to reach HCPs through multiple touchpoints, cater to their diverse preferences, increase brand visibility, deliver consistent messaging, provide targeted and personalized experiences, offer a seamless customer journey, gain valuable insights, and adapt to changing behaviors, Adfire Health can help.

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Increase synergy with HCPs by targeting them on their mobile, desktop, and other devices. 


Elevate your brand and build trust through strategic ad placements across the web.


Drive ad impact by diversifying the types of advertisements your brand delivers. 

The Adfire Health Advantage

Providing Exceptional Email Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

How can we help your marketing?


How can we help your marketing?