3 Must-Have Digital Ad Strategies That Increase HCP Engagement

With healthcare companies spending more than ever on digital ads—healthcare and pharma digital ad spending is expected to surpass $11 billion in 2021—it’s never been more challenging to get HCPs engaging with ads.1 That said, the right digital strategi …

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NPI targeting

NPI Targeting: 3 Reasons It’s a Healthcare Advertiser’s BFF

Targeting has come a long way over the years. Still, that true 1:1 relationship that can drive optimal campaign performance and efficiency has always been just out of reach—for most digital marketers. Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) have always been ju …

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What is Native Advertising in Healthcare & Why is it a Smart Investment?

The online world is changing and so too are the expectations from HCPs. Today, new policies and legislation like GDPR and CCPA are making it clear that people care about their online privacy and how brands engage with them. Therefore, it’s on you to pr …

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Point-of-Care Advertising 2.0: A Fantastic Way to Reach HCPs When They’re Working

You’ve heard of point-of-care advertising, right? You know, the pamphlets in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices promoting a prescription drug or treatment method. This advertising type was a pure brand awareness play by healthcare companies hoping t …

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Healthcare Advertising without Cookies: Making Sense of the Madness [Infographic]

You’ve heard it before, but it begs repeating: Google is phasing out third-party cookies and won’t build alternate identifiers to track users across the web. This comes on the heels of other internet browsers, including Safari and Mozilla cutting ties …

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Adfire Health is in Position to Help Healthcare Advertisers Reach HCPs in a World without Third-Party Cookies

Adfire Health, an industry frontrunner in providing Digital Engagement Solutions to healthcare advertisers, taps into its proprietary database to help them advertise to HCPs in a 1:1 way without third-party cookies.STAMFORD, Conn., March 15, 2021 /PRNe …

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