Why You Should Advertise to Telehealth HCP Prescribers

The rise of COVID-19 has fueled a boost in telehealth services. In a world of social distancing, telehealth gets around regulatory barriers the pandemic has built and its convenience is resulting in a major breakthrough in healthcare. As telehealth ser …

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Black Lives Matter – Adfire Health Stands in Support

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT. (June 5, 2020 ) –This week in America, millions have taken to the streets to protest the murder of George Floyd and the systematic police brutality targeting the black community. We have been humbled and inspired to watch this mo …

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How We Market CBD Products with Programmatic

At Adfire Health, we use programmatic advertising to help our clients successfully market their cannabinoid products. Unlike some ad networks and industry giants like Facebook and Google, who have restricted CBD product marketing, we can run CBD campai …

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3 Reasons The Healthcare Industry Still Needs to Advertise During COVID-19

In a sea of COVID-19 layoffs, furloughs and unemployment, advertisements are the most effective way to show the world that our healthcare industry hasn’t given up on them. With the challenge of social distancing at hand, healthcare professionals are ta …

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HIPAA Compliant Digital Advertising

As healthcare marketers grow their reach through online avenues and serve more personalized experiences through targeted advertisements, the need for understanding HIPAA regulations grows as well.  The fines for HIPAA incompliance are harsh – up to $50 …

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Data: Digital Marketing’s Essential Ingredient

Digital media marketing accounted for $107 billion of the ad spend in the USA in 2018 and is quickly becoming the industry’s focus. As media becomes more and more fractured across devices and platforms, it’s impossible to rely on the mass marketing adv …

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