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A Top-Tier Pharma Brand Decreases Cost Per Exposed Physician by 95%

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lift in conversion rates compared to industry standards
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increase in the number of patients exposed
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decrease in the cost per exposed physician

The Challenge

Increasing Pharma Advertising Conversions While Reducing Costs

A top-tier pharma brand with a preventative treatment Rx was beginning a new ad campaign and looking to:
  • Access a superior healthcare professional database
  • Maximize the number of physicians reached
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Lower costs

The Solution

Leveraging HCP Data & Maximizing Pharma Advertising Performance

The Results

Delivering Impressive Pharma Advertising Metrics

Adfire Health’s campaign achieved remarkable results:
  • Conversion rates 17.4% higher than industry standards
  • A 244% increase in the number of patients exposed
  • A 95% decrease in the cost per exposed physician


Our digital ad campaign with Adfire Health was so successful that we decided to continue selling our prescription for an additional five years when we planned on stopping sales’ efforts because a generic version of this prescription was coming on the market.

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Meet The Team

Lilia Tse

Vice President of Sales

Caitlin Demko

Creative Director

Henry Cordova

Graphics Art Manager

Ilir Sabovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kathy Leclair

Ad Ops Manager