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How a Cardiovascular Tech Company Grew Traffic by 57% & Achieved a 6X Lower CPC Than the Competition

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increase in website traffic
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lower CPC than the competition

The Challenge

Promoting a Medical Device to Cardiologists

A leading innovator in cardiovascular technologies wanted to promote its medical device to cardiologists. The company’s messaging positioned the device as a clinically proven solution in the treatment of heart failure. Their goals were to build brand awareness and drive HCPs to visit their website.

The Solution

Targeting Cardiologists on a 1:1 Basis

Step #1: Use First-Party Data to Reach 175K+ Cardiologists & Associated HCPs

Adfire Health utilized its database of NPI-validated HCPs to target 34K+ cardiologists and 141K+ other related professionals, including cardiology-associated RNs, NPPAs, PCPs, and Pharmacies.

Step #2: Target Cardiology-Related HCPs With Contextual Advertising & POC Strategies

Adfire Health served display ads on a 1:1 basis, reaching HCPs across their devices and apps. Additionally, the team targeted cardiologists on contextually relevant content and used point-of-care (POC) strategies to engage them during high-intent moments.

Step #3: Use Programmatic Technology & an Identity Graph to Optimize Ad Performance

Adfire Health analyzed a number of factors (i.e. ad placement, devices targeted, and timing) and then adjusted the campaign accordingly. Additionally, the team utilized an identity graph that includes 128M identifiers and 25M devices to display ads efficiently and cost-effectively.

Step #4: Provide Regular Reporting on Campaign Metrics

Throughout the campaign, the Adfire Health team compiled insights into metrics, such as click-through rate, impression share, unique reach, frequency, and conversions. Next, they shared their analysis with the client, offering recommendations to improve results.

The Results

More Traffic & Increased Brand Awareness

Adfire Health’s campaign reached the client’s goals and delivered exceptional results:
  • 57% increase in website traffic
  • 37% increase in average session duration
  • 85% increase in website pageviews
  • CPC remained 6X lower than the competition

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Meet The Team

Lilia Tse

Vice President of Sales

Caitlin Demko

Creative Director

Henry Cordova

Graphics Art Manager

Ilir Sabovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kathy Leclair

Ad Ops Manager