A #1 doctor recommended over-the-counter (OTC) brand creates efficient and effective ad campaigns through the use of programmatic technology and data


The Challenge

A #1 doctor recommended OTC brand was struggling with their existing media vendor to successfully implement a new digital advertising campaign targeting healthcare professionals. The existing vendor had no clear way to accurately target healthcare professionals and the brand did not understand why site engagements were weak. As a result, the brand was not reaching their campaign goals.

The Solution

Adfire Health created a technically superior, effective and efficient digital advertising solution by:

» Identifying issues and providing immediate resolutions

After meeting with the brand’s agency to understand their goals, Adfire Health focused our attention on finding an effective strategy and communicating any issues.

» Increasing scale and reach

Adfire Health increased the scale and reach of the ad campaign by placing advertisements across a wide range of diverse channels, including non-endemic and premium lifestyle sites.

» Optimizing ad performance with programmatic technology

Adfire Health optimized ad performance by continuously analyzing campaign trends to determine which bid factors were increasing performance (i.e. ad placement, devices targeted and timing) and adjusting them accordingly.

» Delivering bonus impressions

Due to our technology’s efficiency and effectiveness, Adfire Health was able to compensate for a creative agency mistake. Adfire Health provided a bonus of over 2 million impressions, valued at $30K.

» Providing ongoing reporting and consultation

Throughout our partnership, Adfire Health provided regular and timely reports and consultations so that this marketing agency would understand when, where and why their ads were placed.

The Results

  • Over a 6-month period, increased click through rates from .04% to .4%
  • Increased scale and reach
  • Bonus impressions
  • State-of-the-art ad tech
  • Excellent customer service
  • Complete transparency into performance

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