How a Banking Platform Advertised to Nurses, Increasing Leads by 100+ a Month

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The Challenge

Boosting Healthcare Leads to Increase Refinances & Checking Account Sign-Ups

A digital banking platform was looking to generate leads for its healthcare loan and personal banking divisions. Their campaigns previously targeted doctors but leads were diminishing over time. Adfire Health recommended advertising to nurses instead. The client’s goals for their next campaign were to:
  • Boost HCP leads
  • Increase loan refinances
  • Grow their checking account metrics

The Solution

Advertising to Nurses Using Adfire Health’s Proprietary Database & Programmatic Expertise

Step #1: Use Adfire Health’s Proprietary HCP Database to Target Nurses 1:1

Adfire Health’s proprietary database includes over 99% of HCPs in the U.S., including 3M+ RNs (including BSNs), 699K+ LPNs, and 329K+ NPs. Using the database, Adfire Health enabled the client to reach nurses on a 1:1 basis, eliminating ad waste.

Step #2: Reach Nurses via Cross-Device Advertising

Adfire Health utilized a comprehensive healthcare provider identity graph that included over 25M devices and over 128M persistent identifiers so they could enhance personalization by displaying ads across devices, households, and locations.

Step #3: Utilize Engaging Ad Types, Including Vertical Mobile Video Ads

The programmatic team at Adfire Health chose ad types that increase ad recall and drive brand awareness. For example, vertical mobile video ads allow advertisers to maximize screen space, as most mobile users hold their phones vertically.

Step #4: Retarget Nurses Who Are Likely to Convert

Only around 2% of web traffic converts the first time they visit a site, so it’s important to continuously place your ads in front of the 98% of people who don’t convert right away. By tracking nurses who clicked on the client’s ads, Adfire Health created a more targeted list, increasing conversions and cutting costs for the client. Retargeting is one of the best ways to advertise to nurses.

Step #5: Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

To optimize, the programmatic team at Adfire Health shifted spend to the best performing ads and upped the bids for some ad sizes and devices (based on what was performing best), securing the best inventory for the campaign.

Step #6: Provide Regular Reports

Throughout the campaign, Adfire Health provided regular reports on where ads were being placed (and why they were being placed there), which NPIs were reached and engaging with the ads, and what was being done to optimize the campaign.

The Results

Increased Awareness, Engagement & Leads

The client was impressed with Adfire Health’s ability to reach their audiences effectively, provide excellent service, and garner remarkable campaign results:
  • 271K+ nurses targeted
  • .57% CTR
  • $3.13 CPC
  • 100+ leads in a month


“Adfire Health is a dream partner. We’re so happy we found them. No other vendor comes close, and they offer unmatched service. We are going to brag about Adfire internally and tell our reporting team to get with it because Adfire is putting us to shame.”

– Digital Media Supervisor

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