How an RX Drug Manufacturer Used Adfire Health to Achieve a 14:1 ROI

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The Challenge

Improving Efficiency & Eliminating Waste

A black-box RX drug manufacturer conducted a media mix analysis study of their fiscal year vendors with the goal of:
  • Becoming more efficient with their future marketing spend
  • Understanding and tracking ad fraud
  • Eliminating waste on non-performing media providers

The Solution

Building an Engaged Audience & Utilizing Programmatic to Advertise to Physicians

Step #1: Identify Issues & Provide Immediate Support

After meeting with the manufacturer’s team to understand their goals, the Adfire Health team communicated any issues and built an effective strategy to advertise to physicians.

Step #2: Build an Engaged Audience

Supplementing the client’s target list, Adfire Health used its proprietary database of 8MM+ HCPs to find healthcare professionals who are most likely to engage, including primary care physicians.

Step #3: Utilize Programmatic Media to Place Digital Ads

Adfire Health’s team of healthcare programmatic experts increased the reach of the campaign by placing ads across a wide range of sites, including premium and non-endemic sites.

Step #4: Maximize Affordable, Non-Endemic Placements

The Adfire Health team optimized the advertising campaigns by eliminating ad fraud and determining which bid factors were improving performance — such as timing, devices targeted, and ad placement — and then adjusting accordingly.

The Results

Becoming the #1 Vendor Providing Media Support

Adfire Health achieved impressive results while outperforming the manufacturer’s other vendors:
  • 14:1 ROI delivered by Adfire Health (for every $1 the client spent with Adfire Health, they made $14)
  • 11:1 ROI delivered by the 2nd place vendor (utilizing Adfire Health’s first-party data)
  • 2.9:1 ROI delivered by the 3rd place vendor

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