Oncology Advertising Campaigns Drive 45% Increase in Sales

Adfire Health’s Diagnostic Campaign Achieves 2x Revenue, 700 New Conversions, and 25% Above LinkedIn Benchmarks

The Challenge

Increasing Prescriptions for a New Cancer Diagnostic

Oncologists are facing an overwhelming flood of new cancer drugs and treatments, leaving them with information overload and making it difficult for advertisers to cut through the noise. In this challenging environment, a prominent diagnostic company sought to raise awareness about its new approach to early cancer detection. They wanted to broaden their reach and diversify their marketing channels to get their message in front of more oncologists so that they could boost sales.

Market Trends in Oncology

Marketing to oncologists is challenging, especially given the current market trends in oncology. The global oncology market1, currently valued at $19.19 billion, is set to swell to $22.72 billion by 2028. This growth is fueled by increasing cancer cases (over 2 million new cases and 611,720 deaths are projected in the U.S. alone in 20242), cutting-edge therapeutic advances like immunotherapy, and improved early detection programs. It’s a crowded landscape, making it tricky for healthcare marketers to make their products stand out.

Marketing to Oncologists Requires a Strategic Approach

Compounding the issue, oncologists are stretched thin with staff shortages, burnout, and an aging workforce. These pressures are heightened by the increasing volume of new treatments, resulting in a heavy workload that leaves them too busy to sift through the flood of marketing messages3 coming their way. Additionally, oncologists must continually update their knowledge as the medical field advances, limiting the time available for non-essential tasks. That’s why healthcare marketers must craft concise, data-driven messaging that demonstrates the value of their products.

To help a diagnostic company client overcome these hurdles, Adfire Health devised a strategic, omnichannel approach to elevate engagement and drive new conversions. Read on to see how our oncology advertising strategies helped them break through the clutter and exceed their business goals in this demanding market.

The Solution

Improved Oncologist Reach Fuels Full-Funnel Marketing and Sales Growth

Adfire Health aimed to increase new conversions and boost sales by enhancing top-of-funnel activity and reaching a broader range of prescribers. They recognized that previous efforts focused exclusively on high-decile prescribers, left many potential oncologist partners untapped.

Reaching More Oncologists and Other Prescribers

To address this gap, Adfire Health leveraged Thumbprint™ to broaden brand awareness. This innovative platform provides access to over 2.7 million segmented NPIs, allowing the company to reach high-decile prescribers and expand specialty segments to mid- and low-decile prescribers, pulmonologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. By extending the campaign to these complementary professionals, Adfire Health delivered their client’s diagnostic message to a more diverse group of prescribers, maximizing reach and potential engagement.

Advertising to Oncologists Across Devices

A key focus for Adfire Health was optimizing the advertising experiences across multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This strategic approach provided consistent engagement with oncologists and other prescribers across their preferred technologies and platforms, creating a unified and effective advertising experience.

Leveraging In-App Placements

Adfire Health utilized in-app placements to embed the diagnostic company’s messaging directly into the digital spaces where oncologists are already active. This digital marketing approach allowed Adfire Health to leverage oncologists’ regular online activities, seamlessly integrating campaigns into their organic digital experiences.

Harnessing LinkedIn’s Professional Network

LinkedIn stands out among the many advertising channels because it offers a uniquely professional environment where healthcare specialists, including oncologists, actively network and seek industry insights. By harnessing NPI-validated data, the campaign ensured the precise targeting of oncologists on a platform they trust. This approach not only delivered highly relevant content but also facilitated engagement with oncologists directly in their professional sphere.

Retargeting for Resonance and Engagement

Adfire Health used retargeting tactics to nurture HCPs’ interest and guide them towards more meaningful interactions with the campaign. Keeping a brand’s message resonant and compelling across multiple touchpoints boosts the likelihood of meaningful engagement. By ensuring the brand remained consistent in the digital spaces frequented by HCPs, Adfire Health’s oncology advertising campaign effectively maintained visibility among highly interested and responsive segments across platforms.

The Results

“Ads That Work Miracles”

45% Increase in Sales

By thoughtfully diversifying the target audience, Adfire Health’s campaign converted 700 new oncologists in just five months and reached more than 9,000 oncologists in over three years.

LinkedIn Campaign Outperforms Benchmark by 25%

The campaign featured branded and unbranded messaging to inform oncologists about a new early cancer detection diagnostic. Both messages outperformed LinkedIn’s average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.35%. The unbranded message garnered a CTR of 0.52%, while the branded message achieved a 0.43% CTR.

Doubling the Brand’s Revenue Stream

Adfire Health’s campaign doubled the brand’s typical revenue by aligning ad placements with target HCPs’ online behavior. This data-driven strategy broadened campaign reach and impact, ensuring relevant content resonated with HCPs for more robust engagement and improved results.

Amplify Your Marketing Strategy With Adfire Health

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