Source & Hire Top Clinical Talent With 1:1 Digital Engagement

Utilize smart digital strategies to attract, engage, and hire high-quality providers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

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Talent Engagement Solutions

Attract Top Providers, Nurses & Allied Health Professionals

Expand Your Nursing & Allied Health Talent Community

Use data, messaging, and a continuous marketing approach to attract passive candidates.

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Automated Direct Mail

Source diverse, high-quality providers with digital strategies that reduce time to fill.

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Boost Attendance at In-Person Events

Source a variety of healthcare professionals with digital advertising.

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Create & Manage Virtual Hiring Events

Utilize a platform that makes it easy to run virtual events and fast-track the hiring process.

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Access 8.2MM+ Providers, Nurses & Other Healthcare Professionals 

Utilize Thumbprint’sTM comprehensive, clean, and brand-safe data to build handcrafted audiences.

1.1MM+ Physicians
578K+ APNs
183K+ Physician Assistants
3.3MM+ Registered Nurses
2.6MM+ Nursing Support Professionals
500k+ Allied Health Professionals

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Services Designed for Physician & Healthcare Recruitment Teams  

Use smart strategies to build your pipeline, reduce time to fill, and hire top clinical talent.

Analytics & Reporting      

Utilize Our 20+ Years of Data Expertise to Electrify Your Recruitment

Partner with account managers, data scientists, marketing experts, and strategists to visualize, analyze, and optimize every metric and aspect of your recruitment marketing campaigns. See detailed reporting on:

  • Big-Picture Recruitment Metrics
  • Campaign Performance
  • Attribution & Career Site Engagement
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