The Best Bulk Hiring Tools for Mass Hiring

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So you need to prepare a strategy for mass hiring? Congratulations! The need for high-volume recruitment means that your company is growing, or that it has landmark growth looming in the foreseeable future, and you want to be ready for it!

Mass hiring can be a huge undertaking, with lots of moving parts. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own — there are lots of tools that can help. Read on to learn more about the different types of bulk hiring tools we recommend, and how to best navigate the mass hiring process with tools that can help optimize your recruiting and hiring results.

Virtual Hiring Event Tools

In terms of virtual event hiring tools, there are many that offer different qualities. Something these platforms have in common is that they help streamline the recruitment process, and they complete a lot of the associated tasks for you, from scheduling to event promotion.

One example of a high-volume recruitment tool is Live Recruit. Platforms of this kind are useful for the mass hiring process: rather than tasking a person with scheduling (and performing) hundreds of interviews, the scheduling responsibilities are automated and shared between the platform and the candidate who signs up for a time slot.

Once interview appointments are established, recruiters can meet with candidates all on the same day, at a virtual event. Second interviews with promising candidates can then be passed along to hiring managers — all within the Live Recruit platform. Live Recruit also offers event promotion, which is highly useful for companies looking to hire in bulk — they can help publicize your bulk hiring event, while you spend your energies on orchestrating the event itself.

Mass hiring definition: The recruitment and hiring of a large number of candidates within a short time frame.

Video Interviewing Tools

Video interviews offer all the perks of being conducted remotely (no commute, no masking, no checking COVID numbers or recent CDC guidelines, no trying desperately not to cough because it’ll make the other person nervous). In addition to keeping the candidate experience convenient, video interviews allow for an exchange of body language and facial expressions — not to mention offering functions such as screen-sharing — making it easier to build rapport with candidates than phone interviews.

And, of course, when you are focused on successful execution of a mass hiring process, the ability to see many candidates at the same time, with the greatest ease and efficiency possible for all, is invaluable. It’s why we offer video interviewing as an option on the Live Recruit platform.

Another go-to staple in this area is, of course, Zoom. It’s worth noting, too, that both Live Recruit and Zoom may offer options you’ve overlooked that are helpful for bulk hiring — for example, breakout rooms, which allow for one-on-one, individualized interaction, as well as group interactions in larger virtual rooms.

ATS Tools

An Application Tracking System is indispensable to the mass hiring process. It significantly reduces the burden and strain of administrative tasks associated with sourcing candidates and sorting through their qualifications. When you’re recruiting hundreds — or even thousands — of candidates, you need to be very organized and efficient. ATS tools allow you to manage candidates in one place, easily post jobs, reduce paperwork, etc.

Additionally, ATS tools worth their salt will help you build your pipeline, churn out large-scale communications effectively, and can save you days’ worth of scheduling time.

Onboarding Tools

Onboarding hundreds or thousands of employees is a huge job, and not something easily done manually — there’s so much paperwork, and while none of it may seem very exciting, most of the time, all of it is necessary (as in, it’s not an expendable part of the process: it’s a time suck, but someone has to do it).

This is where onboarding software comes in. Onboarding software can:

  • Help you track and organize documents
  • Conduct skill and personality assessment tests
  • Save you time on mundane administrative tasks
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance

In streamlining the overall mass hiring process to such a great degree, it also helps protect your team’s focus and energy reserves. Save your energies and focus for the bigger (and hopefully more interesting) things!

Recruitment Analytics Tools

One thing that can make mass hiring seem like such a daunting process is that there are hundreds — if not thousands — of data points involved. And they all need to be integrated, analyzed, and written into a greater narrative about the structure of your particular hiring process. For example: what is your time-to-hire per candidate? How many candidates are in your talent pool? What is the cost per hire? Cost per candidate? What is your overall volume of hires? There’s so much to consider.

Recruitment analytics tools will allow you to figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and they’ll do a lot of the legwork for you. That leaves it up to you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your approach — and your results.

Of course, we can’t conclude this section without giving props to Live Recruit’s analytics capabilities. Live Recruit is designed for a data-driven recruitment strategy. You’ll get all the data tools you need to measure performance, optimize your events, and hire faster.

Wrapping Up: Finding the Right Bulk Hiring Tools

There’s no doubt that the mass hiring process is both a blessing and a curse. It means you’re doing well and growing, and that many more successes are on the horizon for you and your company!

But it’s also a lot of work, with many moving parts; and — especially if it’s your first time doing bulk hiring — it can seem like a daunting process! These tools will help you thrive and come out on top, with many strong new candidates and employees as part of your workforce.

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