How a Pain Clinic Used Adfire Health to Increase Site Traffic & Attract More Patients

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The Challenge

Targeting Specific Audiences With Patient Advertising

An independent pain management practice based in the Phoenix, Arizona, area was struggling to attract patients and approached Adfire Health for assistance. They were looking to target Medicaid patients who are 45+ years old living in northwest Phoenix. Their specific goals included:
  • Boosting site traffic
  • Increasing lead generation
  • Attracting new patients
  • Launching a cost-effective campaign

The Solution

Attracting Patients With Smart Pain Clinic Marketing & Advertising

Step #1: Utilize Geotargeting

Adfire Health used geotargeting to reach patients in northwest Phoenix, particularly Medicaid patients who are 45+. Using this tactic resulted in a smaller, more focused target group, enabling increased engagement and lower advertising costs.

Step #2: Use Behavioral Targeting to Deliver Cross-Device & In-App Ads

To narrow down the audience even further, Adfire Health used specific behaviors, such as visiting specific clinics and searching for relevant keywords, to find the right patients. Additionally, the programmatic team utilized a comprehensive healthcare provider identity graph that included over 25M devices and over 128M persistent identifiers, enabling ads to be displayed across devices, apps, households, and locations.

Step #3: Retarget the Patients Who Are Most Likely to Convert

Around 2% of users will convert the first time they visit a site, so it’s crucial to continuously deliver ads to the 98% of patients who don’t convert immediately. Adfire Health tracked the patients who clicked on the clinic’s ads, creating a more targeted list. In turn, this boosted leads and cut advertising costs.

Step #4: Review Reporting & Optimize the Campaign

Adfire Health’s data team compiled metrics, such as impressions, CTR, and CPC throughout the campaign. By analyzing the data, Adfire Health optimized the creative, audience composition, cadence, placement, and more.

The Results

Marketing a Pain Management Clinic: Converting More Patients for a Better Price

With the help of Adfire Health, the pain clinic achieved their goals within two months:
  • 4,300+ new site visitors
  • .16% CTR
  • 9 new patients
  • 38 new consultations


“Site traffic on all the important pages is way, way up. Engagement is phenomenal, as is the quantity and quality of clicks. Referrals are the most abundant they’ve been in a long time. We’ve had more new patients since starting the campaign than we ever imagined.”

– Practice Manager

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