Helping a #1 branded Rx Drug from going off the market with a multi-faceted and effective digital advertising strategy that delivered an enormous number of conversations

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A #1 branded Rx drug was planning to stop sales because a generic version of their drug was coming onto the market at a lower cost to patients. Before this happened, they contacted Adfire Health to see their options. Their goal was to increase the number of actions taken on a gated website and deliver more patient samples and copy savings card to prescribing healthcare professionals .


Adfire Health developed an effective, efficient and scalable digital advertising solution by:

» Utilizing our proprietary database to reach healthcare professionals

Adfire Health has devoted its business to building the most accurate and clean database of healthcare professionals in the United States. It includes over 99% of the approximately 1.1M doctors practicing medicine in the Unites States and over 6.5M key influencers including pharmacists, registered nurses, mental health professionals, hospital executives, payers and more.

» Delivering ads across devices

Adfire Health utilizes a comprehensive identity graph that includes over 25M devices and over 128M persistent identifiers so that we can enhance personalization by displaying ads across devices, households and locations.

» Segmenting data to enable actionable analytics

By segmenting our healthcare professional data by specialty (we targeted PCPs, NPs and PA’s) and prescribing behavior (those who prescribed high doses at high volume; high doses at low volume; low doses at high volume; and low doses at low volume), Adfire Health was able to better understand the behavior of the users who clicked through the ads and optimize campaign results.

» Optimizing ad performance with programmatic technology

Adfire Health optimized ad performance by continuously analyzing campaign trends to determine which factors were increasing performance (i.e. ad placement, devices targeted and timing) and adjusting them accordingly.

» Retargeting healthcare professionals most likely to convert

On average, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit, so it’s important to continuously place your ads in front of the 98% of users who don’t convert immediately. By tracking healthcare professionals who clicked on our client’s advertisements originally, Adfire Health created a more targeted list of healthcare professionals who showed interested in this branded Rx and continuously displayed ads in front of them.


295% lift in conversions from the time of launch

8,000+ total conversions

62M+ healthcare professional impressions

21,900+ site visits

Hyper-targeted efficient and effective ad campaigns


Excellent customer service

“Our digital ad campaign with Adfire Health was so successful that we decided to continue selling our prescription for an additional five years when we planned on stopping sales’ efforts because a generic version of this prescription was coming on the market.”