A premier medical device company is dazzled by a hospital c-suite campaign with click-through rates 233% higher than industry standards and an average of 18.8 actions taken after users landed on the site

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A leading medical device company wanted to target their digital ad campaigns towards hospital C-suites because their sales cycle was long and their product portfolio was complex. It was important that their partner had superior data and could deliver results. They sought competitive pricing, increased click through rates and high conversion rates.


Adfire Health developed a creative digital solution that utilized the power of data, state-of-the-art ad tech and industry experience. Our solution:

» Provided immediate customer service and issue resolution

When facing technical trouble, this medical device company asked their top performing partner, Adfire Health, to help resolve the problem. We were happy to support the client in this endeavor by providing immediate services and an effective solution.

» Leveraged our proprietary database to reach hospital C-suites

Adfire Health consistently reaches our target audience at higher rates than our competitors with our accurate and clean database of over 8M segmented healthcare professionals.

» Segmented data to enable actionable analytics

By segmenting our data by title (Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Medical Staff, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Performance Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Clinical Officer) Adfire Health was able to better understand the behavior of the users who clicked through the ads and optimize results.

» Targeted ad placements that created lasting impressions

It was important to this brand that hospital C-suites had a positive association for their medical image and information products and technologies that lasted over the course of their lengthy sales cycle. Adfire Health targeted news, business and technology websites that C-Suite employees were more likely to frequent over an extended period to increase the ad campaigns’ effectiveness.

» Retargeted hospital executives most likely to convert

On average, only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit, so it’s important to continuously place your ads in front of the 98% of users who don’t convert immediately. By tracking hospital executives who clicked on our client’s advertisements, Adfire Health created a more targeted list of leads who showed interest in this brand and retargeted them for greater efficiencies.


Click-through rates 233% higher than industry standards

Conversion rates as high as 3000%

Hyper-targeted digital ad strategy

Superior data

Full transparency

“Adfire Health is currently one of our top performers. … We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we have received.”