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Our clients don’t hire us to be passive. They don’t hire us to go with the flow. They hire us to make their brand stand out, to get the job done right — and to produce results quickly.
HCPs are people, too. Healthcare professionals are a group of science-oriented individuals, but the work they do is deeply emotional. Loss, hope, fear, and joy are all part and parcel of their day to day.

Activating Your Audience Starts With Good Creative

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How We Communicate With HCPs

Developing creatives for healthcare is all about tapping into what motivates HCPs. It’s about understanding the emotions that drive them to do what they do. To change their behaviors, your messaging needs to speak to their heart and mind, appealing to them on a subconscious level. There’s never been more competition to reach HCPs. So how can you make your voice heard? Understand HCPs — their interests, habits, and more.
70% of HCPs are digital natives, expecting personalized and relevant digital experiences
Stories Over Facts
Storytelling can be 22X more memorable than facts
Mobile Is Taking Over
Mobile device usage goes up by 133% when HCPs are conducting pharma research

Healthcare Creative Services Done Right

Founded by a team with 20 years of healthcare marketing experience, Adfire Health is purpose-built to help our clients navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare industry. Healthcare is in our DNA.
But first and foremost, we’re creators and storytellers. We create experiences that inspire, produce designs that delight, and tell stories you won’t easily forget.

Healthcare marketing isn’t what we do...

...It’s all we do.

Reach More HCPs With Data-Driven Healthcare Creative Services

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