How a Leading Health System Engaged 3,500+ Interested RN Candidates by Leveraging Adfire Health

The Challenge

A leading North Carolina-based health system was struggling to hire qualified Registered Nurses, particularly those with OR, ICU, and Emergency experience. All-time low unemployment and very few active job seekers in the market added to the challenge. On top of that, the health system didn’t have a large enough talent pipeline to meet their hiring demands while hedging against growth, vacancy, and attrition.

The Solution

Build an Audience That Reaches 99% of the Health System’s Targets

  • Using ThumbprintTM, Adfire Health’s proprietary data ecosystem, the team built an audience of 16K+ RNs — prioritizing those who had OR, ICU, or Emergency experience — across several counties in Central North Carolina.

Execute an “Always On” Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

  • Adfire Health implemented a multi-channel marketing strategy that enabled candidates to repeatedly learn about the health system’s brand story, value proposition, and unique offerings, keeping the health system “top of mind” when passive candidates were ready to convert into active job seekers.
    • Automated drip email campaigns
    • Personalized landing pages
    • Programmatic job advertising
    • Paid search campaigns
    • Lead-score triggered direct mail

Access Transparent Reporting & Optimize

  • In addition to implementing real-time optimizations on placement, frequency, and bids, Adfire Health’s client services team had regular meetings with the client to discuss metrics, strategy, and optimizations.

The Results

The campaign created a strong connection with candidates and quickly delivered results for the client:

  • 3,500+ RNs were identified by lead scoring as highly engaged
  • 110+ candidate conversions on campaign landing page
  • 90+ applications on client’s career site
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